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The Seven Mountain Prophecy

Have you ever wondered why there seems to be little change in the world despite so many people who profess the name of Christ as their savior? Are you hearing everywhere you turn, this thing called the seven mountains of cultural influence, and wondering what it all means? Johnny Enlow has written a book titled, […]

When to Know You’re In Need of Eve

As a man, certain things can be easily recognized. You can tell when you need a car. You know when it is time for you to get out from under your parents roof. You may even know when it is time to update your skills for your career. The thing that isn’t always as obvious […]

How to Properly Live Vicariously Through Your Children

I faced many challenges as a child growing up. Since, much of my life was blocked by the everyday trials and traumas of Sickle Cell Anemia, I wasn’t able to have many of the experiences that many others live to tell about long into their old age. There are no stories of athletic domination on […]

Does the Quest for Members Conflict with the Call to Make Disciples?

From the time I was young, every church service I attended ended with something called The Call to Discipleship. It’s suppose to be one of the greatest commitments a person can make. However, so many pastors find themselves disappointed when someone comes on Sunday, or whenever that call is made, and discover that this is […]

What Becomes of Us After the Zimmerman Trial?

The trial has ended, the jurors have been dismissed, and George Zimmerman has been set free to presumably resume whatever normal life he can have. In the wake of what many view as a crime against all of the African American Community, many are wondering what it all means and where are we to go […]

Why You Can Now Follow Me On Twitter

Earlier this year I wrote a blog titled Two Reasons You Cannot Follow Me On Twitter. In it, I stated my two reasons for not being on Twitter. It’s not that I didn’t see any value in it or use for it.  Quite the contrary. I see much value in it, but my prior objections for my using […]

Jesus Killed My Church

I don’t know about you, but I see churches on virtually every corner, yet I seldom consider the hardships and the dealings that people go through when they decide to plant a church. It’s probably because I’ve been privileged as a son of a preacher, and even now as a preacher myself, not had that […]

Redefining Marriage is not The End

People all over the world are in an uproar as there continues to be a shift in culture as people try to redefine marriage to be “more inclusive“. It’s not the first time that society has made pushes to redefine something, but there is a prevailing view that as culture and society becomes more tolerant of […]

Is the Church Alive or in Need of Revival?

Have you ever walked down the street, driven along a highway, or seen advertised somewhere something stating that a particular church is having a revival? I know over the course of my life I have seen and attended my share of them. One thing has always perplexed me about them however. Why does the church […]

Do You Have A Plan?

One of the things that my wife have been working on for a while has been in determining what we want our future to look like. Imagining so many things we can do, the people we can help, the lives we can change, and the quality of it all for us and our children and […]

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