Today is a day that many will be celebrating and commemorating the day that this great nation declared its independence from English rule. Many people don’t exactly have full grasp of it because for so many who live today, it happened so long ago and there is no frame of reference for many of what it looked like or means for us today. However, if you hold any knowledge of the terrible weight and burden of taxes, debt or both, than you should have some inkling of it.

Debt Free Dec 2007

Debt Free Dec 2007 (Photo credit: eric731)

Taxes and debt are restrictive and binding. They are a weight that is so heavy that dreams become delayed, if not entirely denied. You cannot move or accomplish things on your own terms, because you serve them. They own you. While no one entirely escapes the grip of taxes, they can be minimized, the better you manage your finances. Debt is where most can find true independence if there is a commitment to eliminate it.

There are some who will say that there are two sides to debt. They are right. There are those for whom debt is a liability, and those for whom debt is an asset. Your ability to leverage debt determines your ability to have independence. For example, a person that purchases insurance might say that it is a bill that is unnecessary, until the day that it is needed. That money that has been stored up for a future date then holds greater value and gives you leverage to do what you might not have been able to do had it not been there at all, because you more than likely would have spent it on something else that in a present circumstance would not be able to go to handle the thing you presently need.

As you go about your day in celebration of this nation’s independence, choose to declare your own independence from things that presently are in your life holding back from enjoying true freedom.

QUESTION: What other areas would you like to declare independence from?


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