Do You Have A Plan?

One of the things that my wife have been working on for a while has been in determining what we want our future to look like. Imagining so many things we can do, the people we can help, the lives we can change, and the quality of it all for us and our children and beyond has  consumed us and caused an explosion of passion and infinite possibilities to be born within us.


WEALTH IN THE USA (Photo credit: er00mb0b)

Something that we’ve come to learn about people of great wealth is that obtaining it does not happen over night; even if it somehow seems that way. Study the lives of anyone who has become wealthy over the last 100 years, and you will discover that those who are truly wealthy grew it over time and pass it down from generation to generation. This happens for them because they had a plan for their wealth. If you study the lives of people who simply and suddenly come into great sums of money, you will notice that few keep it long, and even fewer are able to say that it lasted beyond a single generation.

People of wealth make plans for it while people who just become rich often don’t have a plan for it when they get it. Wealth goes from generation to generation in most cases because there is usually a plan established over time, and the future has often been taken into account for its continuation. One of the great frustrations of King Solomon was that he became the wealthiest man alive, yet in the book of Ecclesiastes he records his horror in realizing that he had no one worthy to pass it on to who was capable of sustaining it.

Jesus shares a story with his followers in which he proposes that a man desires to build a tower. He reminds them that no one with good business sense will take up such a task without first accounting for whether or not he or she has the ability to complete it. Whether you’re building a building, a family, a legacy, or wealth; there is a cost associated with it. You have to have a plan for it.

People who don’t plan, find that their resources get swallowed up because  their vision is limited and narrow due to circumstances of their present. The prophet Haggai proclaimed a word to the Hebrew nation that they had become a people who had become too comfortable in self, putting themselves before God. In doing so, the temple became neglected, and they found that money was being lost like a bag of money with a hole in the bottom.

Would you like to have wealth that goes beyond your daily need? Ask yourself the question, “If money were not a barrier to me, what would I do? Whom would I be?” Do You see beyond yourself? Do you think beyond yourself? Those who are truly wealthy do. The government in China makes plans that extends into the hundreds of years. It is how they establish lasting dynasties. When you hear the names Rothschild and Rockefeller, you know that their wealth has stood the test of time because they had plans that extended beyond a single generation.

I encourage you to set aside some time, if you haven’t done so already, so you can dream and plan for true wealth. If you want to live a life that is lasting and significant, establish your plan and put it in action.

QUESTION: What things to you dream of that go beyond the here and now?


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