Is the Church Alive or in Need of Revival?

Have you ever walked down the street, driven along a highway, or seen advertised somewhere something stating that a particular church is having a revival? I know over the course of my life I have seen and attended my share of them. One thing has always perplexed me about them however. Why does the church seem to have so many of them? If the church be alive, and it is the body of Christ, why then would it ever need revival?

Medical team treats a patient. (Image credit to Jupiter Images).

Medical team treats a patient. (Image credit to Jupiter Images).

From a medical standpoint, when someone dies, doctors go through a process of resuscitation in order to revive the body back to life. In a vision, God showed Ezekiel the prophet a valley of dry bones. In that valley, God asked him if he believed that those dry bones could live again. Daring not to assume anything, Ezekiel’s reply was that only God knew the answer to that question. God then instructed Ezekiel to prophesy life to the bones. When he did as he had been told, the bones came together, and flesh appeared once more upon them and they became living beings once more. That vision was a representation of the house of Israel, God’s chosen people.

What is it that has pastors, prophets and evangelists all across the world believing that the church is as the house of Israel? Has the church lost its power? Did Jesus miss it when he said that not even the gates of hell could prevail against the church? Or is it that we have a low view of the church? There is no doubt that individuals and even some actual congregations within the body of Christ may have lost their fervor and zeal. However, the church has not at anytime since its birth been dead or dying.

There is a song that churches would sing, which contained the lyrics, “God’s not dead, He’s still alive.” If God be alive, then the church can never be dead or dying. He is the giver of life and will keep alive anything that He has need of.

While the church may not e dying, that is not to say that it has not been occasionally inflicted by sickness. Sickness and disease is anything that keeps one from walking or operating in complete health and wholeness. Here are some things that I see as causing sickness within the church:

  • Disunity: Just as in the human body, and cell that works against the health and wholeness of the body, it becomes a cancer and causes weakness and sickness. If the church is ever to truly see itself in full power, those things that have caused disunity, such as doctrinal difference, and inability to cover one another in difficult times, must be dealt with in order to keep the enemy from gaining strength against us.
  • Division: Church is still the one place where segregation seems to flourish. Until the church begins to see that there is no area of discrimination in God’s Kingdom, then this will remain an issue for the church.

The remedy for these and every thing that has been an issue for the church is the one thing that God has stressed since mankind was created and set in the Garden: love. Love is the one thing that continues to create and strengthen life. It is the gymnasium wherein the church is able to exercise itself and equip itself to handle what it needs to handle in the world.

God continues even today to send new manifestations of His glory. As His spirit continues to move upon the earth in and through the body of Christ, there will also be new displays of the anointing and moves of the self-same spirit. If you as an individual representation of the church need a boost, so that the flames of passion burn right once more, dig deeper into your word, into your meditation, into your servitude, into your own ability to love your neighbor, and your personal as well as corporate worship. These are the things that will regenerate the flow of Christ‘s spirit within you so that you can live.

QUESTION: Is the church full of life, or is it dying?



  1. Thanks for adding my post to your list of related articles.
    I like your positive attitude towards the earthly body of Christ. And I agree that disunity and division have to be key causes of “illness” in the church. If he looks, thinks, believes differently from me, he MUST be wrong. Yes, I know Jesus said, “Love one another” but surely not while he’s still so wrong?
    We have much to learn.

  2. […] Is the Church Alive or in Need of Revival? ( […]

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