Redefining Marriage is not The End

People all over the world are in an uproar as there continues to be a shift in culture as people try to redefine marriage to be “more inclusive“. It’s not the first time that society has made pushes to redefine something, but there is a prevailing view that as culture and society becomes more tolerant of things that appear morally questionable, that all hope is essentially lost. Ultimately, God knows what He meant when He created all things. Those who have a heart for God and understand what He meant are the ones who have the responsibility of displaying  the light of truth in what marriage looks like to a world whose eyes have been dimmed.

Gay wedding cake topper (Image provided by Jupiter Image)

Gay wedding cake topper (Image provided by Jupiter Image)

God always has a remnant of people who are willing to uphold a standard and go against the grain of public opinion. While we’re seeing the push for the expansion of gay rights and polygamy, we forget the architect of marriage and don’t realize there are other things that threaten marriages. The real enemy to the degradation of marriage is not those who seek to redefine it by the law, but those who refuse to honor and protect Godly ordained models. Divorce and abuse has done more to tarnish the sanctity of marriage than anything else ever has. Marriage is the ultimate declaration of love one can have for another. Divorce and abuse is the ultimate declaration of one who does not love.

If you are married, you have taken vows before both God and the world that the love the two of you share is lasting, undying, and greater than any that you may show another. In coming together, you have forsaken all others. This does not mean you have forgotten all others, but that you are putting the person you are marrying first in importance to you and that no other person can come between that. When Adam was presented with Eve, it was to unlock the full potential of man to live out the purpose for which God created him. When a married couple are at odds or head down that slippery slope that ends in divorce, this is the thing that diminishes the power of true intimacy and display of oneness that exists within the Godhead.

If you are concerned that marriage is in danger of dying, look no further than the ones that already exist and pray for them daily. If you are married, understand that its strength and ability to be sustained and last are determined by the work you and your spouse are willing to put into it. Choose today to secure your marriage for life.

QUESTION: What are you willing to do to ensure that redefining marriage doesn’t mean the end?



  1. Thanks for the great article. Our thoughts exactly. Abuse and divorce and the way married couples treat each other in the name of Christianity is hurting the institution of marriage already. The very ones who are abusive and non-loving to their spouse are oftentimes the same ones who are abusive to others, and claim they are speaking on God’s behalf. Really?

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