Why You Can Now Follow Me On Twitter

Earlier this year I wrote a blog titled Two Reasons You Cannot Follow Me On Twitter. In it, I stated my two reasons for not being on Twitter. It’s not that I didn’t see any value in it or use for it.  Quite the contrary. I see much value in it, but my prior objections for my using it was in trying to keep my life simple and sensible.

Image credit (Jupiter Images).

Image credit (Jupiter Images).

In the course of the last few weeks, I have joined the many millions of people who are tweeting all along the Twitterverse. I credit my wife with much of the assistance in getting me acclimated to this arena of social media. She has always known deep down that it would become a great tool for me. So let me now share with you why you can now follow me on Twitter:

  • A Voice Needs Platforms: Platforms are essential when a voice needs to be heard. It’s what give a speaker a position from which to project their voice so that a message can be heard. There are things I desire to communicate, beyond my present scope of influence. Twitter gives me a wider audience to reach and express what God gives me.
  • Support Systems Help: My wife happens to be my greatest support system. What I love even more about her is that in the process of setting me up with my account and getting me ready for all I needed to use it, she also introduced me to another tool known as Buffer.  It gives me greater control of my time and allows me to communicate at optimum times.
  • Great Leaders Inspire Me: I know the worth of great leaders, so I choose to follow them because the inspire me to grow, change, and become a better leader. The old saying that, “Iron sharpens Iron”, doesn’t require that I personally know those I follow. It only requires that I draw from their vast pool of wisdom and resources. Once in a while, I’m able to return the gesture for those who choose to follow me.
  • Opportunity: Twitter isn’t just an opportunity for me to be heard, it’s an opportunity for me to keep you abreast of things that will soon be coming. Those who have known me for a while know my heart for people and the things of God. I’ve had a few writing project that I’ve been working on for several years. Twitter will allow me to keep you posted on when you will see it come to fruition.

I hope this clears things up and helps encourage others who may have been like me in previously resisting the adoption of this powerful social media tool. The reasons I state may not be reasons for you to join, but they are mine. If you’re already apart of Twitter, you can find and follow me at @APreachasKid. You may choose other reasons for joining Twitter, if you haven’t already. Whatever the case may be, I hope you appreciate mine.

QUESTION: What do you like or not like about Twitter?


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