When to Know You’re In Need of Eve

As a man, certain things can be easily recognized. You can tell when you need a car. You know when it is time for you to get out from under your parents roof. You may even know when it is time to update your skills for your career. The thing that isn’t always as obvious to a man is in knowing that he is in need of that certain someone in his life. I am not talking about simply desiring a companion; any good friend or pet can meet that requirement. Eve was much more in the life of Adam; and in the life of any man, you need to know when you are in need of your very own Eve.

Image Credit (Jupiter Images)

Image Credit (Jupiter Images)

During the sixth day of God‘s creative order, God formed Adam of the dust of the earth and breathed life into him. We don’t know the exact amount of time that Adam lived alone before being presented with Eve, we only know that God gave him certain things to do; have dominion over everything that is in the earth, air, and sea, tend and enjoy all that is in the Garden, and name the animals. In all God had done for Adam, He points out that it was not good for Adam to be alone in all of this. Why?

The Vision is Larger than He Alone Could Handle: For Adam, there was no possible way that he alone was going to be able to fulfill all that he had been given to do on his own. The vision for his life of having complete dominion over every beast of the field, fish in the sea, fowl in the air, and even every hinges that creeps upon the ground was a daunting task. If that weren’t enough, he had to identify and give names to all of them, and take care of everything that grew in the Garden. Even if Adam had lived forever, there would eventually have been no sustained joy doing it alone.

What God gives you will undoubtedly be bigger than you are able to manage yourself. Often as we get caught up in what we have been given, we don’t always see how big it truly is. However, when you do see it, know that it is not meant for you to give up on the vision, but to acknowledge that you are in need of support in bringing it to pass.

He Needed Someone Like Him: In God’s determining that it was not good for Adam to be alone, it set a precident, that what He gives you needs the inclusion of someone like you to share in its fulfillment. Until Eve was presented to Adam, he had seen no one like him. He needed someone like him, if for no other reason than to see that he was like everything else God had created. In naming the animals, it was plainly evident that every male species had a feminine counterpart. He too needed one; if for no other reason than to fulfill the mandate to fill the earth and have complete dominion over it.

You too need someone who is like you, that understands you and the call that is on your life. While it may be true that men are outnumbered in the world, not every woman is suitable for you in bringing fulfillment to that God given vision. Your Eve, will see what you see. She will also see in you what others miss, and have in her everything needed to help birth it forth.

The Vision Extends Beyond His Own Lifetime: Adam could have lived forever, had he not sinned. Every man will eventually die. However, a God given vision will be one that lives even when a man’s time on earth has come to an end. When Adam was put out of the Garden, the task of doing all God created him for became harder. It wasn’t impossible, but it did mean that he would not see its completion in his lifetime.

What God puts in you should be something you recognize as being beyond you. When you see this as true, you need an Eve who will not only be there to support you in it, but be a part in establishing the legacy of the visions continuation in future generations. This doesn’t necessarily have to be your own children, but it can be through those you observe as capable of being mentored and able to carry out and even growing beyond what you initially began.

When you know that you are in need of Eve, you aren’t looking for a Delilah, because you know she will rob you of your strength. You won’t look for a Jezebel, because she will frustrate you and your vision. Your Eve will be everything you need to bring you real love,  joy, and support.

QUESTION: What other things help you recognize that you are in need of Eve?


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