Embarking on a Journey

The Chinese philosopher Laozi once said that, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” In the age of technology, many of us would probably not prefer to walk a thousand miles if given a choice, however whether you’re looking at your journey as being that literal or not, it’s first steps that take you from one point to another until you’ve made it to your destination.80604418

This weekend began a new stage in the journey called Life, for my family and I. Like a small band or soldiers, we packed up and moved from where we’ve been for the last three years to our new base of operation.

Most people find the thought of moving completely frustrating and void of any enjoyment. However, it has been the excitement of a new place and opportunity that has given my wife and I so much peace and resolve to make our journey from here to there enjoyable for the whole family. I don’t even think the kids really understood what was happening until it happened.

The thing about a journey is that in many cases, you have an estimated time that you set to arrive at your destination, and sometimes plan certain things to make the trip memorable or enjoyable. Nevertheless, no matter what you do, you’ll have someone who murmurs, complains, or simply think the world revolves around them and what they want, regardless whether or not they’re in charge or not. It’s people like this that can make your short journey to your destination seem like you’ve either signed up for a ride aboard the S.S. Monnow 3 hour tour, or the Moses 11 day Exodus .

To get through it all, you not only have to pray for strength, you have focus your mind that there is a glorious end to this journey. Knowing where I was going kept me from quitting when I felt like it, and enabled me to endure things that might have caused other to lose the minds or even turn back. I can appreciate the frustration that Moses must have felt over those 40 years, knowing that he could have still gone in had he not done the stupid things he did simply because he reacted negatively to those he was leading.

If you find yourself on a journey and you have people with you that either don’t appreciate the journey or understand how going from where they were to where you’re taking them, remain faithful yourself. How you lead is just as important as who you lead.


QUESTION: What lessons have you learned while embarking on a journey?


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