When You Face the Challenges of Fighting an Uphill Battle

When you’re in the midst of a fight, it’s the uphill battles that are the toughest. I should know. You never truly know  what you’re capable of until you’ve been put in a position of fight an uphill battle. Although I’ve face many from the time moment was born, it’s only been in the last few years that I’ve seemingly faced nothing but uphill battles. After getting married, both my wife and I lost our jobs, added two kids to our tribe, and relocated twice; most recently to Virginia Beach.

Image credit Jupiter Images

Image credit Jupiter Images

In most respects, one would prefer to have the advantage of high ground when you’re in a fight, because that gives you leverage. However, in facing uphill battles, you build unfathomable strengths.

First you have to dig deep. In digging deep you learn to look for sure footing and places you can plant your feet in order to take the higher ground. You can’t afford to slip when you’re going uphill, because if you fall, the fall may be hard and far. You find your legs become stronger and you can endure more when you’ve been forced to press uphill. For my wife and I, making sure that our faith was sure was one of the most critical things for us. Having our faith tested over and again helped prove to us that we knew what we knew, and that we could stand in the midst of anything that was put in front of us.

Making advancements seem to be impossible, but if become strategic before you strike, you are more secure in what you face. You’re enemy tends to become overconfident when they have the high ground and will do things that leave them exposed. This is when you really have the advantage, if you don’t allow yourself to become discouraged by the fact that you are pressing uphill.

Another thing to note when you’re fighting uphill battle is that it forces you think faster. You’re enemy can move faster because they have downward momentum working for them. So you have to see, think, and respond quicker. You also need to listen more keenly to what’s going on, so you know when, where and how to strike. When you have financial constraints, and debts seemingly coming at you from everywhere, learning ways to minimize and eliminate them becomes a priority to protecting your sanity and family from the continual loss of things you need to live.

Hearing from God and knowing that we were gaining wisdom in how to deal with our enemy’s onslaught was pivotal in helping us to gain confidence and press forward. As we continue to make our advances, I hope that some of what we’ve been through can be an ember of light for you to let you know that you too can make it in whatever uphill battles you may be facing.

QUESTION: What things have been a help in your own uphill battles?


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