Dare You Hide in Plain Sight?

Recently, my family and I were out for an evening walk to enjoy the fresh air and the pleasant weather. While we were out, we took a moment to stop over by an area where our kids could go and play together, while my wife and I sat and talked while we watched. As the children were playing, they went from playing tag to paying Hide and Seek. To my amazement, I noticed something unique in the strategy that my three year old employed.

Image credit (Jupiter Images)

Image credit (Jupiter Images)

Though I realize that the concepts of this game have yet to be fully understood, seeing what she was doing caught my attention. In her quest to hide from her older sister (whom by the way is legally blind), she chose to hide under a nearby picnic table, yet tell her sister exactly where she was. This got me to thinking. This moment in play was very reminiscent of what God desires of women to do when they desire to be pursued.

You’re probably scratching your head now wondering how I came to this conclusion. Picture if you will a young woman named Ruth who lost her husband of ten years, and her mother-in-law decides to return to her homeland. Not wanting to be left alone during this season of famine, she endeavored to stay near Naomi, believing that this was better than returning back to the home of her own family.

It was when they arrived back in Judah, Naomi set in place  a plan whereby Ruth could be found by Boaz. She literally hid her in plain sight. You see, in the process of gleaning barley from the threshing floors, Boaz was able to see the kind of woman that Ruth was. While she was not the only woman there, it was her work ethics that caught the attention and favor of Boaz.

So often women feel that playing Hard to Get is the way to attract a man. Others feel a game of Catch Me If You Can is the way to go. Men desire to find a treasure. Often the treasure may be found amid a trove full of trinkets. However, real men have keen eyes to distinguish the rare gem among the many costumed knockoffs. It’s often said that if you want to truly hide something, put it in plain sight. Dare to hide in plain sight. A man who knows a rare jewel when he sees it, will not miss you, because you’ll shine brighter and standout from everything around you.

QUESTION: Is hiding in plain sight something you’d be willing to try in order to be pursued by a worthy man?


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