What to Do When You’re Asked to Walk On Water

One day after a long period of ministry, Jesus sent the disciples ahead of him, across the sea. He had just fed over five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish. In sending the disciples ahead, he stayed behind to personally disperse the crowd and allow himself time to pray before following his disciples. By the time Jesus had come to the end of his praying, his disciples were half way across the sea and caught in the midst of high wind and waves; which according to Matthew‘s telling of events was sometime between 3-6 A.M.  

Image Credit (Jupiter Images)

Image Credit (Jupiter Images)

 Jesus literally walks out on the water, and upon coming close enough for the disciples being able to notice that someone was calling to them from out on the waters, only Peter is bold enough to dare to join him. Call it his brazen and stubborn ways, or blind faith that allowed him to muster the nerve to step out the boat, he did so at the behest of Jesus. 

 These last few years of my life have been a series of what seems like water walking faith moments. The most recent has been the greatest for me and my family. It literally has an appearance of being the fourth watch of the night, we’re in the middle of a vast body of water with no land in sight; too far from where we came, and not even close enough to where we need to be. It’s dark, the winds and waves are against us, and it appears that Jesus is calling us to dare to step out by faith onto the waters and walk with him. 

 I believe that the challenge for the disciples back then is the same as it is for anyone living today; while you’ve walked with Christ for a considerable amount of time, and seen him perform numerous, unimaginable miracles, including just seeing the feeding of thousands on a single child’s lunch, it’s the idea that He is asking you to now venture into the area that is so seemingly comfortable for him. Seeing him do it becomes your comfort level, in the same way that the Israelites were comfortable with Moses going before God, rather than believing that they too could speak and have a relationship with Him. 

 You would think that by now, we have the advantage over the disciples, because at that time, they didn’t have the Holy Spirit, just Jesus and whatever faith they had built up. We have our faith and the Holy Spirit. We also have a vast larger history of testimonials, from the days of Abraham till now, of faith walkers who have dared to step out on the waters. 

If you find like us that you have come upon a water walking moment, where Jesus has put before you the opportunity to join him in a new level of operation, that exceeds that of natural man, take these following steps with us: 


  • Pray: Remember, even before Jesus went out to catch up to the disciples, he prayed. We are not greater than the one who is our teacher. Though he says we will do greater things, we must at least  begin where he left off. That means pray must precede us. 

  • Look: What at least enabled Peter to begin to walk on the water was the fact that he kept his eyes on Jesus. The moment his eyes stopped focusing on Jesus and instead turned to the magnitude of where he was, Peter’s capacity to remain where he was ceased. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus who called you out into the water in the first place. The anointing to walk is attached to maintaining your focus on him, not the depths of the situation surrounding you. 

  • Step: Obedience is the final key. The only way you move from one level of faith to the next is in your ability to carry out the charge put before you. Peter heeded the call, but took his eyes off Jesus. Stepping out isn’t complete until you reached the point where you meet Jesus face to face. Go the distance. 


In this fourth watch moment, I haven’t quite completed my walk on the water, but my eyes are fixed on him and I am moving step by step, closer to where he wants me. I want to hear from you as you get there also.  


QUESTION: What have your fourth watch moments taught you?

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