Not Next, But Now!

You’ve probably heard someone say to or around you that they want to be the next person to do this or accomplish that. They want to be the next person known for this or for that. Whether it’s the next Michael Jordan, Mark Zuckerberg, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, America’s Next Top Model, or the next Billy Graham, people everywhere perceive or hope to be the next big thing. It is an amazing thing to think that Jesus told his disciples that after he would leave them, they would be next; but he didn’t say they would just do what he did, he said that they would do greater things.

Image credit (Jupiter Images)

Image credit (Jupiter Images)

Some people wonder how this can be and settle for hoping to do half as well if not equal to that of their predecessor. The interesting thing is that we see Elisha ask his predecessor to bestow upon him a double portion of the anointing that he carried. We all know that he did in fact receive that double portion anointing and did indeed perform double the miracles that Elijah did. So why then do we settle for less than what Jesus tells us that we should expect, when he promised us that greater than the things they saw, they would do? Is it humility; false or otherwise? Is it fear of what that might look like? Is it fear of knowing the level of attack that one might face because we know what Jesus faced? Peter, nor any of the others who followed Christ shied away from doing the work that they were empowered to do.

Even more interesting than this is the notion of people who say, “We’ve got next!” The reality is that regardless your age or area of influence, your time to rise and shine is now. If your thing is sports, science, entertainment, politics, technology, business, or ministry, there is a gifting that has been put in you to do greater, now. Greater than the previous generations, greater than those you look up to, whether living or dead. Put fear aside and see what was, see what could be, and fix your eyes on the potential that is within to make a reality that greater thing in and through you that has not been in those who preceded you.

Kings study kings to find patterns of success. Warriors do the same. Martin Luther King, Jr. studied with Mohandas Gandhi and Norman Schwarzkopf studied those who came before him. What makes some exceed beyond that of those who came before them is that they realized that they could take what they learned, and go further because they saw beyond what had been to what could be.

So when you look to your future, don’t look to be the next “Anyone” that already was. Choose to be the “Now” you. You may be the next in line, but you were made to go further than anyone who came before you. Find that thing that makes you you, set the bar high, and see where God takes you. Remember, waiting in line to be the “Next” essentially put the “Now” you on perpetual delay.

QUESTION: If you dreamed of being the next “somebody” that already exists, what did it look like to you? Could you still be that without repeating them in what it took for them to be who they were or are?


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