Freeing Your Spouse to Be Who They Were Meant to Be

There is a saying that, “Television is merely a reflection of the reality of our society.” If that be true, than the struggles and strife that we see in the life of reality television stars who are married, and the tragic nature of the upheavals that happen between them is only amplified by the visibility of the cameras on them. So many seem to be on the verge of divorce within a year or two of the initial season they take to the “small screen“. Even worse is that it’s not just those outside of the Body of Christ that seem affected; it’s also those within the Body as well. 

Marriage Day

Marriage Day (Photo credit: Fikra)

One of the greatest struggles anyone can face as a leader is in the area of getting done that is required of them. In a world of competitiveness and overloaded schedules, this can be compounded in a marriage where both husband and wife have significant calls on their lives. It is one of the reasons I am so thankful to god that I have the wife that I have.

One of the things that I have to give my wife great credit for is in the area of her ability to free me to be all that I’ve been placed on earth to do. Much like my mother was for my ailing father, my wife has positioned herself in such a way that I can devote myself to education in a down economy, rest in times of sickness and stress, creativity in times of inspiration, and ministry in times where God has required me. I endeavor to do the same for her in her battle to get fit and in her endeavors to launch her enterprises; especially when her job, our children and home begin to stretch her in too many directions. These are the things that can give strength to a marriage.

Dr. Crawford Loritts recently said at the Resurgence Conference 2013 in Seattle, Washington that, “marriage is not about competing with one another, but completing one another.” We’re seeing so many couples that are destroying their marriages because there is this  apparent notion that even in marriage, someone has to be the winner and the other the loser in the bread winning and ladder of success category. Somehow the idea that you are working together towards a common goal got lost after the “I-do’s”.

You don’t have to sacrifice your mate to have it all. What’s more is that when you actually work together, mutually making sacrifices, you free one another to be able to maximize and even solidify yourselves in your personal and marital missions in life. Seek ways to free your spouse and you may find that in the process, you’ll find a little for yourself.

QUESTION: What are some ways you have found freedom to be you in marriage?


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