Why I Won’t Be Buying The New Wii U Game by Nintendo

Okay, let me begin this in the spirit of full disclosure. I  haven’t actually played a video game since my early twenties. What’s more, I have never actually been fortunate enough to own my own game system as a child. That’s a surprising confession for someone who grew up in the age of the Atari 2600 game console. That wasn’t a big thing in my home as a kid, although I always longed to be one of those lucky kids who could come home and spend loads of hours playing those games that were always being advertised on television and kids were talking about at school. It would have been nice to have something like that since I was often spending a lot of time sick in bed due to Sickle Cell Anemia. I did however have a few portable mini arcade games that I loved to play on road trips, though they came into my possession long after other kids thought they were cool.

Nederlands: Het Wii-U Logo

Nederlands: Het Wii-U Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Games have definitely evolved over the years, and many concerns about them have been raised over the years as well. When Nintendo released the original Wii system back in 2006, it had tapped in to a new market of gaming that had not been seen before. Where other game system claimed a semblance of interactive capability, Wii brought to users a true sense of interaction. So much that at times, using them was humorously dangerous for some.

Seriously though, what I love about the original Wii system is that it answered the problem that for years had been the complaint of parents and doctors and experts of several sectors of society; “how do you get the children off the couch?” This game system had thought of everything. In true interactive form, it had drawn game players off the couch and made them active with one another inside the home as though they were outside the home. Game like bowling, football, and baseball got people moving, and the Wii Fit got people exercising.

What seems so funny to me is that in the very first commercials that have aired for the new Wii U shows the children all glued to their seats. If you do a side by side comparison of the original commercial from the original Wii versus the new Wii U, you’ll wonder why they didn’t factor this in. Though I know that their Wii U sports club series will still have the interactive component and I’m not negating that; what I loved about the original Wii is that all the games seemed to have an emphasis on getting you off the couch, not just those with a sports focus (Click the above links to compare). Even the original system had a great and inviting catch phrase which they drove the idea home with, “Wii would like to play.”

In an age where it’s becoming tougher and tougher to make the point for the need of families to be more active and spend less time laying around like a couch potato, it would have been nice to think that Nintendo would have put more thought into building upon something that had already proven to be a plus for them. They were the only ones to tap into this market need, and to see them slip up like this is quite disappointing. While my wife and I contemplate over whether it will be worth the investment to be late comers into the original Wii system bandwagon or not, it appears that Nintendo had sealed its fate in drawing us into being an early comer to the “upgraded” Wii U.

QUESTION: Is the new Wii U in your family’s future? If yes, why? If no, why not?


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  1. You’ve made a good point about the main universal selling point for the original Wii, was getting people active while playing computer games. It seems as if Nintendo have almost forgotten this with the Wii U

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