Who Has The Power – Part 2

Earlier this year, I discussed how as a youth, one of my favorite shows was He-man and The Masters of the Universe. In it, I raised the question of who really has the powerChristians or non-Christians. Recent news reports raise the question again as we begin to see a shift in people’s view of the events taking place around the military, our nation’s capital. One of those reports had to do with certain Anti-Christians desiring to have representation in strategic government agencies, at various high levels.

Elijah Mormon

Elijah Mormon (Photo credit: More Good Foundation)

This stirred up an interesting conversation between my wife and I, as we often have differing opinions, as compared to mainstream Christian thinkers. Many have the opinion that we must forcibly expel or prevent the open inclusion of these types in these places. The truth of the matter is that many are potentially already secretly in certain positions.  

The question of inclusion and tolerance has been one of great debate within Christian thought because people often view the words of Jesus who prayed that we should be of the world and not in it, nor the Apostle Paul his admonishing to the Corinthians to not be unequally yoked with unbelievers, as meaning that any semblance of interaction should be frowned upon and avoided at every turn. Yet, if this were true, then how could we as believers then be expected to do as Jesus instructed, “be or give light to them in darkness”? 

In thinking about this, one only has to look at the example of Daniel and the Hebrew Boys in Babylon. Here we find a few Godly fearing young men among a greatly corrupt council of leaders. Each of these young men lived such a marked differing life from the others that when opposition came against them, neither a lions den, nor a fiery furnace could kill them. In fact, when all was said and done, Daniel and his friends were promoted and it was their accusers faced the punishment they set up to bring these young men down. 

Even greater than this, one cannot deny the magnificent display of God‘s power when you see how God Himself will reveal that false idols and worship cannot share the same space. When Elijah came under fire, he told the people to setup an altar to their god and he would do likewise. Whichever altar caught fire would show which God was the one they should choose to follow. Elijah went so far as to add a moat of water around his altar. Despite all of the people’s efforts, their false god could not set fire to their altar, while the water drenched altar that Elijah setup caught fired and even dried up the surrounding water. 

When the Ark of the Covenant had been captured by the Philistines, they placed it beside their own idols. Every time they turned around, their idol would fall. Eventually, God would not just knock down their idol, He would completely demolish it. It was such a tragedy that they would move the Ark out of Dagon to Gath

We have no reason to fear those who feel the need to set up idols or share space with us who are Christian because it will only show the vast difference between light and dark, God’s power and the powerlessness of idols. Now is the time that we as believers are to let our lives shine and show how different it is to live for a living God and what it is like for those that don’t. Tolerance does not equate to condoning. To tolerate something, according to Merriam Webster means, “to allow… to exist, happen, or be done.” To condone means, “to forgive or approve.” There are many things that God tolerates, yet refuses to condone. We too are to show tolerance, as display of God’s abiding love, yet we don’t have to condone it as acceptable or appropriate. 

If you are of the belief that it is we who believe in and for a true and living all powerful God, then we need not be afraid of any opposition or those who seek inclusion or a shared space or representation. God will reveal who has the power and all will know it. What’s more is that it will cause many who previously doubted to see the light and choose the light over that darkness. 

QUESTION: What do you believe? Who has the power?

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