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A World Where We Remove the Need for Perpetual Needs

People everywhere are constantly crying out loud over what seems to be endless cycles of systems that don’t do what they believed that they should do. Why is it that in an age of such knowledge about health and the human anatomy do we still face the problems that have existed for over a millennia? […]

An Open Door to Proving Who Has the Power

I don’t know about you, but I am extremely excited about this new year. Already, things are beginning to come to light as it pertains to what many have declared for this year; that 2014 will be the year of the open door. If you’re like me, doors of opportunity are opening everywhere you turn […]

The Open Door Which Is Before You

For people all over the world, last Wednesday began for them another year to start afresh. Some people will take up the challenge head on, with excitement and enthusiasm. Others, on the other hand, choose to face a new year with trepidation and fear. I recently was reading a passage of scripture where John records […]

A Father’s Heart

As a child, I did not have the pleasure of a complete childhood full of memories with a father. My father was taken from me when I was only eight years of age. His death, as a result of complications with the chronic illness Sickle Cell Anemia meant that many of the things that many […]

Looking Unto Jesus

I spend a considerable amount of time each year reading books, blogs, papers, magazines and such. With that in mind, the greatest author is undoubtedly God Himself. Even as we usher in this new year, I have a whole new perspective on this incoming year than I had in years prior. He truly is an […]

Living Proof

A Day Comes When You Are Not Afraid To Share Your Testimony!

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