Looking Unto Jesus

I spend a considerable amount of time each year reading books, blogs, papers, magazines and such. With that in mind, the greatest author is undoubtedly God Himself. Even as we usher in this new year, I have a whole new perspective on this incoming year than I had in years prior. He truly is an Author unmatched. His story isn’t simply one of history, but it’s OUR-Story as well.

Image credit (Jupiter Images)

Image credit (Jupiter Images)

In reading Hebrews 12:2 we read where the writer of this text says, “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith…” This speaks profoundly to us that he didn’t stop at just beginning a story for us, but he completed the story. What’s even greater than the fact that he wrote the story, is this lesser perceived truth in that he has made us active participants in the process. While it says that He has already finished the story, and we can skip ahead in the text to see that it shows us as winners, we as participants get to actively delve into to our character roles and lend our faith towards the revealed finished picture.

Each of us has had our share of an introduction into a particular chapter, to play a strategic part in bringing the story from it’s genesis unto it’s eventual revelation. If we have but minutely caught a glimpse of the Author and a revelation of who He is and what He desires for that glorious ending, than you can hopefully see that where in times past, in chapters past, things did look dark for a time. However, things are in a process of beginning the shift to its climactic and wonderful ending.

This is not to say that no bad thing will ever happen again, nor does it mean that every character will be a pivotal character in the story, for the greatest character left the scene over 2000 years ago to allow us the opportunity to share in the victorious finish which is to come, so that at the time of his return, he will find it as it was intended when his Father first opened the cover page.

I implore you to spend this year periodically peeking ahead to the end of the book for your inspiration, and to catapult you towards your own victorious end chapter. This new year should be for you a point at which you thrust in your sickle to harvest something great from all that you’ve previously sown. Yes, there may be some tares that were sown in with the wheat, but at the appointed time, it shall be separated and you shall see the glory of your true harvest.

Dare to see bigger, bolder, grander, and better. What perceptions you had of how things will be concluded, dare to see it even better than that; because the truth is that anything you can imagine, He will eclipse it. Keep your eyes on Jesus, looking unto him as that author and finisher of your faith. For he who has begun the work in you has already been faithful to also complete it in you.

QUESTION: How do you perceive this new year?



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