A Father’s Heart

As a child, I did not have the pleasure of a complete childhood full of memories with a father. My father was taken from me when I was only eight years of age. His death, as a result of complications with the chronic illness Sickle Cell Anemia meant that many of the things that many sons get to experience with a father were lost for me. Even though Sickle Cell in its own way inhibited us from many great adventures, we still managed to have a few memorable moments that I will always cherish. As I think back on those days from my youth, one thing sticks out as a revelation now that I too have the honor and privilege of being a father: a true father’s heart is always towards his children.

The cast of The Cosby Show in 1989

The cast of The Cosby Show in 1989 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even as James Avery of The Fresh Price of Bel-Air fame has recently passed, it merely brings back memories of every great television dad who has been a model of great fatherhood. If you’re like me, you’ve come to know and even imagine a life ideal fathers existed, like Ward Cleaver, Heathcliff Huxtable, Andy Taylor, Mike Brady, and even Carl Winslow.

Thinking back on each of these model men, they each in their own unique way showed us that a true father thinks, hopes, and dares to dream of the best life for their children; and will go to great lengths to make it all possible for them to have that come to pass. They are not all that different from our heavenly Father.

The thing that I’m just now beginning to learn and discover about my own father is that he was a great planner. I’m am amazed by how strategic he was in finances. It reminds me of how much God Himself put into the preparation for me. When I read where He tells Jeremiah the prophet that before He even fashioned him in the womb of his mother, He (God) knew him, it speaks to the fact that He not only thought deeply about him, it also shows how much care He put into time and place, as well as what he would need to be whom God created him to be.

As a father, I look at my children and I see so much promise and purpose in them, that it compels me as a father to become ever the more strategic in my own planning, because I dare to dream and hope for all that they can become. They each have such energy and life, and I am filled with joy the more I see them grow and thrive and do things that even amazes me. It’s only a reminder that as a son, I do the same for God. It is a full circle of wonder.

If you are a father, dare to develop within you your heart towards your children. You are the catalyst for their potential and greatness. Part of this comes in the way of seeing all of the ways in which our heavenly father’s heart is toward us. Jesus tells us that we can readily see good traits in a good earthly father, and it is possible to realize the greater goodness of God’s own heart. As we begin to see how His heart is toward us, it can become the pattern by which we develop a greater heart towards our own children. Children all over are desiring to capture the hearts of their fathers. Will you be one who extend your heart towards your children?

QUESTION: What are some things you found that exemplify a great father’s heart?



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