The Open Door Which Is Before You

For people all over the world, last Wednesday began for them another year to start afresh. Some people will take up the challenge head on, with excitement and enthusiasm. Others, on the other hand, choose to face a new year with trepidation and fear. I recently was reading a passage of scripture where John records the revelation Jesus gave him, wherein he said to one of the seven churches, “..look, I have placed before you an open door that no one is able to close.” What struck me at first glance was the part before this, where Jesus points out that first and foremost is that he knows them. Then it says, he sees their limited strength, yet their diligence to keep his word. Thirdly, he points out that they have not denied his name. The end result of this is the consolation that he has placed before them an open door which no man can close.

Image Credit (Jupiter Images)

Image Credit (Jupiter Images)


I want this year to be a year in which you begin it with great comfort and joy. Recognize that while you may have feelings of weakness, lack, or insufficiencies, it has not gone unnoticed. Even greater than that, he takes notice of your attention to live according to his command. It is because of this and also because you do not deny him or his name that Jesus sets before you an open door that no one will be able to close. The open door is a representation of opportunity. Things that in times past had been denied you, he says he is making it available to you and that no one will be able to stop it. It won’t matter if you’re not at the top of your game, if you’ve suffered a loss, or defeat; he has seen your faithfulness.

Your faithfulness to Jesus and his word will be rewarded with the King’s favor. So often, it is the faithfulness of a servant to a king that is enough to win the king’s favor. It is true that a king desires his people to be victorious, but wars are seldom won in a single battle. What often matters most is did you remain faithful; did you quit; did you follow through with the charge given?

There are some great opportunities that God is opening up for you in this new year that He has said won’t be shut by anyone. Do you dare to accept that this opportunity is there and everything has been set in your favor? What might you accomplish this year as a result of going through that door?

QUESTION: Are you ready to face what lies beyond the open door he has set for you? 


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