An Open Door to Proving Who Has the Power

I don’t know about you, but I am extremely excited about this new year. Already, things are beginning to come to light as it pertains to what many have declared for this year; that 2014 will be the year of the open door. If you’re like me, doors of opportunity are opening everywhere you turn and look. People have been pouring out blessings in many areas for my family. Much of it even began around Rosh Hashanah 2013, the Jewish New Year which was in September. The open doors that are appearing however, aren’t just for our blessings; they are also open doors for us to put God’s glory and power on display.  

Image credit (Jupiter Images)

Image credit (Jupiter Images)

Greg Horton reports for Charisma Magazine this week that a New York-based Satanic Temple released early renderings of a proposed monument that they hope to have put on display on the grounds of the  Oklahoma State Capitol. This, for some Christians, has sounded an alarm of fear, because many see it as a slap in the face. For years there has been a struggle in the nation over the display on government property of things such as the Ten Commandments and other things that Christians hold sacred.  

There are some who have false understandings regarding the meaning of Separation of Church and State, and this has pitted Christians against many in society. However, if this is to be a society which holds the belief that this is a nation of religious freedom, one cannot hold to the opinion that only Christianity shall be practiced in America, or else we are in fact becoming the very thing that the early settlers fought against; the right to worship in accordance to personal choice, not in a means that is dictated by government.  

However, this should not be a time to run in fear that all is lost in the name of Christ or his Kingdom. Quite the contrary. This is an open door for both ministry and a display of whose God is truly God. Even as these recent events begin to unfold, I am reminded of two biblical stories which undoubtedly are being forgotten. The first is that of Daniel and his friends Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (whose real names were Hananiah, Mishiel, and Azariah).  

Each of these young Hebrew boys were tested in whom they would woship. Would they yield to the culture of the day and worship as government had required, or would they hold fast to what they knew to be true? Time and time again, each of these young men held fast to their faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; even to the threat of death. When each of the were sentenced to the worst imaginable forms of punishment, God Himself showed Himself strong in their lives and it could not be denied, that the God they served was truly God above every other thing that the world might claim to be god.  

The second story that comes to mind is that of when the Philistines had captured the Ark of the Covenant. They proceeded to place it in the house of Dagon and set it next to their statue of Dagon. It took no time at all for God to prove to them that He was real and their god was not.

Now is not a time in which Christians should be cowering in fear or being horrified that those who have a faith that is contrary to what ours is. This is an opportunity to witness of who serves a real God. God is looking to us to let our light shine, to put Him on display and believe in Him enough that He will not share space with anything that is false. Our God is not powerless, He is all powerful and is waiting for His people to rise with power and authority to declare His truth and show forth all that He has said we have been given the right to do.

There is an open door to set things right, but the former ways in which we have gone about it haven’t worked and it is a message to us to go through a new door. That old door has been closed. See the new door and go through it. Dare to prove in this year who truly has the power. 

QUESTION: Are you seeing this recent event as an open door? How will you choose to respond to it?

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