A World Where We Remove the Need for Perpetual Needs

People everywhere are constantly crying out loud over what seems to be endless cycles of systems that don’t do what they believed that they should do. Why is it that in an age of such knowledge about health and the human anatomy do we still face the problems that have existed for over a millennia? Why is it that prison systems continue to grow and grow, while still higher education and secondary school systems seemingly face the growing problem of maintaining enrollment? I attribute it in simplicity as fear and only fear.  

Image Credit (Jupiter Images)

Image Credit (Jupiter Images)

Fear is what prevents a world from believing that if a solution to many of the world’s ills are discovered and implemented, that it in itself would be bad. In other words, if you found the cure to cancer, then pharmaceutical businesses, governments, and the medical industry would suffer because of all they would lose. What’s the alternative? An actual healthy and able society, that can actually focus attention on things that would move a society forward. Sickness and disease drains society of its ability to truly flourish. The notion that so many choose to profit from it in the way that it does, is the result of people who have been indoctrinated by a poor and loveless world view. It is this same poor world view that has blinded millions of people into thinking the revolving prison doors can reform criminals.   

Imagine a world where doctors and lawyer, police and pharmacists are no longer needed. I bet, for many of you who just read that last sentence, a chill just ran up your spine. That’s fear; fear of what that would mean for people who perform those jobs for a living. Yet, imagine that these same people could rather focus their attention in areas that are more fulfilling than much of the ways in which they currently are required to do?   

Every so often we hear a report regarding people who are increasingly becoming depressed and feeling more unfulfilled by their present professions. So often, it is because they are taught, and rightly so, a grand ideal of their profession; a profession in which they accomplish a great good. The problem however, is that once in these positions, there are systems and even certain people set in place of influence that corrupt the ideal and these people with another idea that not only pales in comparison to the ideal; it even perpetuates the very ills they supposedly claim to be the solutions for.  

The solution is simple. Allow people to actually be able to do what they are capable of doing. Allow teachers to teach in a way that is impactful, doctors to treat patients with real remedies, and let correctional facilities actually be in the business of reforming behavior rather than housing countless numbers of bodies. Instead of keeping a perpetually broken system in operation, create real solutions that bring dignity, hope and salvation to society’s brokenness. In the coming week, millions of people will be remembering the Dream of a man who dreamed of a better world. Now is the time where we can truly make his dream and many others a reality. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is imprinted on this generation as a seed to love and resolve what has been problematic to this nation. As a New Years resolution, resolve to see a world where we remove the need to perpetuate needless needs.

QUESTION: Do you perceive a world where certain needs are no longer perpetual?


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