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Why I Can Appreciate a National Day of Prayer

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Who’s Reading You?

President Harry S. Truman has been quoted as saying, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” This is very true. If you look at anyone of importance, who has a modicum of influence on the people around them, you can best be assured that reading was one thing that got them there. […]

Is The Church Missing The Mark?

I’ve been plagued by a question for a number of years now about the present state of the Church. It causes me to wonder if, in the same measure of the Church’s emphasis of the world’s sin, if the Church itself missing the mark? Ask yourself, has the Church become so “Exit Strategy” focused that […]

Your Kids Are A Constant Reminder

I don’t know about you, but my children are always a constant reminder for me of the person I should be, and the person I’d like them to be. It’s in these moments that I realize that my wife and I are doing something right, even if we didn’t directly teach it to them. There […]

A Sign of Hope

Daily the tension increases as people around the nation begin to make their displeasure known regarding the hundreds of girls that have gone missing from Nigeria nearly over a month ago. It has sparked an outcry, not just from Americans, but people worldwide. What has been the real concern of some is that it took something on this […]

Dealing With the Ebbs and Flows of Life

Many of you may have noticed the long extent of my absence. It was due to some increased pressure that I faced this year as I moved from my sophomore to junior year in my continuing education pursuits. There are many times that we as people have to choose what we deem to be a […]

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