Dealing With the Ebbs and Flows of Life

Many of you may have noticed the long extent of my absence. It was due to some increased pressure that I faced this year as I moved from my sophomore to junior year in my continuing education pursuits. There are many times that we as people have to choose what we deem to be a priority in our lives and how we will maneuver through the ebbs and flows of challenges that we face on a daily basis. While I love the platform that writing grants me, I will always choose to give greater focus and attention to education and family.

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The choices we face in life can often create great stress, but how you handle it can prove great character. It’s been said that intense pressure can bring out the diamond in the rough, or reveal a lump of coal. It’s all in how you handle it.

For me, I credit my ability to handle much of what we faced through the prayers that were prayed, the loving support of a wife who allowed me to rest when I needed it, as well as provide much needed encouragement, and a gracious God who strategically placed some events that forced us to limit our active schedule.

On the surface it would seem as though things were working against us, however placing things in a proper perspective, we could clearly see His favor, mercy, and grace at work. Even when we had planned out a trip to visit our parents at a very unique moment in their lives, God shifted us in the other direction. We chose in those moments not to be angry, but to embrace the rocking of the boat, move with the ebbs and flows, and look for the breaks in the storms.

Whatever you find yourself facing at this season, take heart not to be dissuaded by the highs and lows that might take you off your routine or route. It’s often in the detours that you find a new strength, a new path, and a new fervor for what has been set before you. Keep in mind that roller coasters last for but a brief moment, but the stories that come from riding it can be epic and memorable for a lifetime.


QUESTION: How have you been facing the ebbs and flows during this season?


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