Your Kids Are A Constant Reminder

I don’t know about you, but my children are always a constant reminder for me of the person I should be, and the person I’d like them to be. It’s in these moments that I realize that my wife and I are doing something right, even if we didn’t directly teach it to them. There are also times in which the things they do remind us of how we are to be in our daily Christian walk. There’s none more telling than one thing that happens with our baby girl and baby boy who are 4 and 3 respectively.

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Without fail, whenever my wife is either cooking, or she or I happen to be enjoying a small treat that was intended for just us, one of the little ones will happen to come along and see what’s going on and want in on the moment. It doesn’t matter if my wife is making a protein shake, a fruit smoothie, or some special meal that was prepared just for us, separate from what had been prepared for the children. One of them is going to insert themselves into the moment, ask for a taste.

However, it’s not in the asking for a taste that is the amazing part of this whole thing. What invariably blows my mind every time, is that without fail; such as in the other day when my wife cracks open a fresh box of Wheat Thins, my four year old pleads to have some, my wife obliges her; but with the added stipulation that I add; that she not run back to her brother gloating or bragging that she had been given this treat. Sure enough, and without surprise or failure, she took the gift she had been given and ran straight back to let baby brother know that she had something he didn’t, which then prompted him to come running to see if he too would be so fortunate as to receive of this special blessing.

How often is it that we as adults do this? I began to wonder. Do we as Christians have this continual giddiness about the blessings that our Heavenly Father bestows upon us, and will go tell someone what just happened? In like manner, are we so expectant when someone else comes to us with their testimony of God’s favor, that we will run to Him, believing that He is gracious enough to have something for us as well?

It’s so easy to get jealous of another person’s blessing and resent that it didn’t happen for you, not realizing that God owns it all and has enough for everyone; and even more, that He is willing to bless you just as He did that other person. It also could be so easy to keep to ourselves the good thing He has blessed us with, but God rarely has a problem with us telling people about what He’s done for us. In fact, He takes pleasure in our testimonies, because it brings Him glory when we make Him known for the favorable person that He is and desires to be.

So, the next time God does something that is awesome and amazing in your life, don’t hesitate to share with another. It’s an opportunity for you to be in remembrance that it was He who did it, and it’s also an opportunity for someone to know that He can and is willing to do the same for them as well.

QUESTION: What things has God done that made you want to run and tell the world?


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