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The Difference Between Being Angry and Being Mad 

How often do you hear someone saying in a conversation, “that makes me so mad”? Have you heard someone say, “I’m so mad I could just….”? There are times when things happen around me and I am often disappointed or upset and someone will come up to me and ask me, “Doesn’t that just make […]

Waiting on Your Promise

  Tell me if this sounds familiar. Your little one comes to you and ask you for something; it could be s special treat, a simple gift, or the opportunity to do something that doesn’t happen often. You tell them they can have it, but it is contingent on their ability to wait until a […]

Is You Life Full of Barriers or Is It Laser Focused?

Light can be such an amazing thing to think about. We often look at the sun, but we don’t consider that what comes from it is the very thing that for us produces both light and heat. It is fully contained in a gaseous ball millions of miles from where we are, yet it does […]

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Whom Do You Relate To?

It was only a week ago that a message preached by a prominent pastor aired on a major Christian network. After it aired, media hounds took to the web, the airwaves, and every available social network possible to discredit this preacher by focusing their assault through a 40 second sound bite. Since that time, I’ve […]

The Difference is HUGE

I was scrolling through some news feeds on a popular social media network last week and one of the leaders that I’ve had the privilege of meeting said on his page, “The gap between doing something “nearly” right and “exactly” right is HUGE and usually the difference maker.” This got me to thinking about intentions. […]

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