Is You Life Full of Barriers or Is It Laser Focused?

Light can be such an amazing thing to think about. We often look at the sun, but we don’t consider that what comes from it is the very thing that for us produces both light and heat. It is fully contained in a gaseous ball millions of miles from where we are, yet it does so much for us, including giving us both the aforementioned light and heat. It’s purpose is set in what it does, and it does not stray from what it does. Light is all around us, yet we do not always see it in its fullness because it must be focused through something in order for us to perceive it and the colors within it. A spectrum is such a device whereby this occurs.

1.2W Class 4 Very High Power Blue Laser, Dark ...

1.2W Class 4 Very High Power Blue Laser, Dark Background (Photo credit: FastLizard4)


So often, we can view barriers as being restrictive and confining, yet in reality it is in those constraints that we find a freedom to do with excellence what we’ve been purposed to do. Like a spectrum that focuses light to give us the ability to see the various colors within it, there must be things that we must be put through in order to focus us to bring out the various gifts, talent, and abilities within us that others can find the beauty that so often can be hidden within us.


What we might view as a barrier is in actuality something designed to guide us to a place of focus. Light, when focused doesn’t just give light and heat, but can then produce a tool that can be used to cut. Lasers are a light that have been focused to a point where it can be used in such a manner. Are you willing to allow God to get you so focused that you become more than something that just shines or gets hot, but rather are able to cut like a knife through butter?


I challenge you to allow God to focus you into the thing that will be most effective in doing what He purposed you to be. The sun produces light and heat which are both good because they each have their purpose; but it works best because it operates from a distance. Lasers have a purpose that are focused and are best utilized up close. Some ministries do great work because they can reach out to distant places; they have a great capacity to extend their reach to places that in individual might not be able to do on their own.


However, as an individual, you can become as a laser and do a great thing, having great impact right where you are. When you are laser focused, you cut to the chase and are most effective right at the source because you are local. Don’t think you are limited and hindered. Don’t see yourself as small because you aren’t big like the sun. View yourself as powerful, precise, mobile , agile and direct. See the barriers as the things that fine tune you into what gives you your greatest strength, not something that is blocking you from what another is. God has designed you to bring out the best in you, not a copy of what He made someone else to be. Allow God to bring you into a laser focus and accept that the limits He gives will bring the best focused power out of you.


QUESTION: How do you see your life? Is it a life of limits or a life of focus?




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