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Are We Too Busy For Disciple Making?

My recent thoughts on discipling got me to thinking, “do we really allow ourselves the necessary time to disciple others?” When you think about discipling, and especially the way Jesus did it, it was very labor intensive. That’s not to say that Jesus was overworked or even overwhelmed by it. To be clear, how Jesus discipled was well thought out […]

Are We Really Making Disciples Today?

I’ve had the most interesting conversation in the past week. It’s one that I truly believe needs to be looked at more closely, not just by those whom I’ve had the privilege of speaking with, but the entire body of Christ as a whole. In our conversation, the question was raised as to whether it […]

A Person of Honor or an Object of Manipulation

One of the things that I enjoy doing as much as catching up on my favorite show on television, is reading a really good book. I read books on a wide array of subjects. I like science fiction, mysteries, novels, biographies, action, inspirational, religious and sometimes a good western. I have quite a few books […]

A Tribute to My Grandmother

Today, my wife, children and I are back in my hometown among my family as we pay homage to my grandmother Ruth who left this life on last week. It wasn’t easy hearing the news of her passing, even though we knew it was coming. She had been diagnosed with cancer of the liver not more […]

Do You Trust God Enough to Do the Work?

Recently I went on Facebook and came across a  Post by Michael Simmons. </div> <p>”>video that really spoke volumes to me. It was one of those rare occasions where you observe someone who gets “it.” Whether you’re married or planning to get married, there are just some things that you cannot control. One of the lessons […]

What is it Worth to You?

Do you ever consider what your first thought was when you first met that someone who tickled your fancy? Go back a moment. Was it positive? Was it negative? Was it spot on with who that person was, or was it a singular incident that did not represent that person at all? Sometimes, our first […]

When Your Mate Needs Space

Have you ever come across someone who seems to think that the world revolves around them? You’ll often hear them say, “But what about me? When is it my turn? When do I?…” The cries and pleas go on and on. There are times when a person can be so focused on themselves that they […]

Is Freedom Really Free to All?

As many people prepare themselves to head out to the park, or their back yard to set up their barbecues, picnics, or blankets and chairs for the night time fireworks display meant to commemorate the freedom that was won the day this nation declared it’s independence from Europe, it would seem that it was only a few […]

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