The Light at the End of Noah’s Tunnel

I know I’m late, but my family and I aren’t always privileged enough to be among those who get to see movies when they first come out in theaters. We have active, busy lives. Even greater than that is the fact that we don’t have the luxury of a network of people to go to when we need a baby sitter. So often, we are relegated to waiting for a movie to hit the closest redbox. On this most recent trek to redbox, we gathered an assortment of five movies to watch, once the little ones were snug in their beds for the night.

English: Light at the end of the tunnel Easter...

English: Light at the end of the tunnel Eastern end of Newchurch No2 Tunnel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Among the movies we saw was the long awaited and highly anticipated epic Noah. We’d been waiting for this one since before it had originally screened in theaters. Russell Crowe is one of our favorite actors, as are Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Connelly.

We had heard all of the arguments about issues many of the faith community had in it’s biblical accuracy and wanted to see for ourselves just how far off it could be, since so many were at least celebrating it for creating dialogue within the faith community and in the general public. We had in part already been prepared for some creative license to be taken. Whether it’s Passion of the Christ or The Ten Commandments, no biblical narrative that has been adapted into a big screen film can claim to be completely inerrant.

Within seconds of the film even starting, we began to see the lies and errors weaved in throughout the movie. It began with the retelling of the creation story that was the back story that leads up to the main story. Each passing minute of this movie was an agonizing disappointment for us as we sat, knowing that so many people who knew nothing of scripture had seen this and probably not bother to even pick up a bible to know the truth of the true biblical account of this true message of hope.

Each second longer that we watched, we kept saying to ourselves, “It can’t possibly get any worse! The writers seriously couldn’t have read this narrative and gotten this understanding from it, could they?” The reality of it all is that it did get worse. The writers had taken a precious bible story and mixed in Eastern philosophy, Darwinian theory and took so much religious license in the putting together of this film that there was absolutely no enjoyment in it for us apart from it ending.

The hope that I have in all of this is that at some level will cause Christians to go back to their bibles as biblical students of the scriptures, and even as Noah retold to his children the story of The Beginning. This, to me can be the only true light at the end of watching the movie Noah, from my own personal view. It’s also my hope that this films release has caused a stirring up in those of faith to lay hold of every resource God grants them to do truthful cinematic works of biblical narratives that not only we can be proud of seeing on the big screen, but also do it in such excellence that it becomes the good news message that changes lives as has been seen in times past.

QUESTION: What were your thoughts of Noah? What are your hopes of future biblical narratives on the big screen?


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