Holy Ghost Movie Review

This weekend, I had the privilege of watching the now released Holy Ghost movie written and produced by Darren Wilson through Wanderlust. I viewed this via live stream on Saturday while it was premiering live from Bethel  in Redding, CA. I watched it a second time with my wife Sunday evening and shared the link with many of my friends at Regent University. The movie debuts in theaters beginning Saturday, September 6, 2014 worldwide, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you can see it. 

The inspiration behind the movie, which Darren Wilson has said was  a complete leading of the Holy Spirit, was to film without any plan or script all over the world whatever the Holy Spirit led them to film of His wonder. Fully aware that this film will, for many, be a “stirring of the hornets nest,” Darren endeavored to show how the power of the Holy Spirit inhabits people in the furthest reaches of the world, whether that be on the streets of Salt Lake City, Utah, a Korn concert, Morocco, or even the hotbed of India where Hinduism is the dominant religion of the area.

While the live premiere was preceded by an explanation of how this film came to be through the participation of people like Todd Hall, Bethel pastor Bill Johnson, singers Jake Korn’s band members Brian ‘Head’ Welch and Reginald ‘Fieldy’ Arvizu, we also see the passion that each of them had in discovering just how amazing it was to see Holy Spirit show Himself strong.

The movie opens with a Genesis 1:1-2 scripture reference and various comments by Chad Norris, Fieldy, Bill Johnson, Lenny Kravitz, and a couple other people. Then there is a Matrix like narration by Darren Wilson stating, “I want to show you something. Something you’ve never seen before. some say He’s dead. Some say He’s silent. Some say He’s a figment of my imagination; but the Holy Spirit is real, and I am going to prove it.” This is the beginning of the adventure and journey that would begin to show how he and those God led him to reach out to would begin the process to put together this epic film that now has come to be.

What I love about this movie is that in the process of searching, it doesn’t blast any particular views that are held by those of the church who may not fully understand the reality that the Holy Spirit is present for this age, but goes forth in showing how with understanding, we can be empowered, led, and an instrument of God to make Him famous; to let the world know that God’s not dead but with us and in us, and has every desire to work through us. In fact, Darren goes further in the film to explain that this movie is, “about risks, I want to take the greatest risk possible as a film maker. To make a movie that is completely led by the Holy Spirit. No plan, no safety net; just show up wherever He leads me, find the adventure and make God famous.”

The testimonies of people like singer Lenny Kravitz, Field and Brian are powerful. The insights of pastors like Bishop Joseph Garlington, Bill Johnson and theologians like R. T. Kendall which are intermittently and strategically placed at pivotal points of exploration lend to the explanation of the problem that much of the Church faces with both understanding of who the Holy spirit is, His purpose and place within the present world and Church, as well as why there are such misunderstandings about the gifts of the spirit and how the Holy Spirit works in us today.

Will Hart and Jamie Galloway demonstrate how the power of the Holy Spirit is present to save, heal, deliver from demonic tormenting, and even enables us to be more effective witnesses when we apply love to the Word we share. When they approached a gentleman who was actively street evangelizing, you get to see the dichotomy of belief that exists between many throughout the Body of Christ as it pertains to the Holy Spirit.

When Will and Jamie later meet a young man who is dealing with an inability to move his hand because of metal that was inserted in his wrist, they proceed to pray for his healing. To this young man’s amazement, he regains full movement in his wrist. As they move onward to minister to a group of young people you can hear in the distance the attempts of someone else who has taken a different approach to witnessing. However, in just moments Jamie and Will have ushered these young boys into the presence of Holy Spirit and they boys received the gift of salvation just that fast.

Each segment of this movie gets more intense and more radical in display of anointing. By the end of the movie, I came out feeling supercharged, more free than I’ve ever been, more willing to allow the Holy Spirit to be a present help in my own personal witness and service. If this film does no more than to cause greater dialog in the body, I would have deemed it a success. I do however hope that in this film it will make Christians take more risks, remove the walls and the proverbial box of confinement which has been placed on understanding of who the Holy Spirit is and how He is meant to connect us to The Father and Son. I also pray that it will open blinded eyes, remove shackles of restraints of offense, paradigms and theology, as well as restore many to relationship with the Father through Christ.

QUESTION: What are your thoughts regarding the Holy Spirit? Will you go see this movie? If you have seen it, how has it impacted you, if any?


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