Putting Urgency in Perspective

One of the conversations that has been stirred up recently in my community is the consideration of who we are as Christians in the world. Better still, is the thought of how we will conduct ourselves as Christians. In one such conversation there came the awareness that there has been three main views when it comes to this. There’s (1) the Duck and Cover Approach, (2) the Domination Approach, and then there is (3) the Accommodation Approach.

The Duck and Cover people essentially are like the ones Jesus mentioned in scripture when he tells his disciples the Parable of the Talents. A rich man gives each of his three servants an allotment of resources with which to do business until he returns. The expectation being that at his return, they would have put it to use and increased it. However, only two did so. The third servant simply buried the talent he was given infuriated the master. Christians who are of this mindset essentially take their salvation and sit in a corner waiting for Jesus to return, with no real urgency to do anything or make waves of any kind.

The ones who take the Domination Approach are at the other extreme, in the sense that the rest of the world is a battlefield, with and us versus them mentality. This level of urgency says we’ve got to win y any means necessary. This results in many casualties; sadly, many are even self inflicted. This confrontational approach also makes it hard for many to receive the message of the Gospel because there is a lack of love seen.

The Accommodation Approach unfortunately tries with little success to blend in and say we’re just like you. The problem with this approach is that you lose the sense of distinction and difference. The salt and light aspect gets watered down and the effectiveness of Christianity then becomes mute. The conclusion to all of this discussion turned out that even in this final approach, as was the case with the first two becomes a matter of urgency.

As Christians we are to have a sense of urgency because we know that even as scripture points out that we must work while it is day, because when day is done, the time for work is concluded. However, even in urgency, we fail to realize that we don’t have be the one to do it all ourselves. We are a community of believers working in tandem. This means that one person can plant a seed, another can water, both realizing that at any stage of the process, it’s really God who brings the harvest.

Just as the master gave his servants talents, God has given us gifts and talents to use, for the express purpose of loving our neighbors, whomever we find in our communities. We are to sow our gifts and talents in love like a seed in the ground. Our urgency should be one of working towards sowing seeds of love, not looking back, but to the glory that God will bring out of it. We don’t have to keep an account because God will keep the account for us. The more I am understanding this, the easier and the more enjoyable I find it is to do what Christ has called me to do.

The old adage that patience is a virtue holds new meaning for me because in discipleship, I understand the work doesn’t necessarily happen in an instant, as this generation has become accustomed to. Our approach to living out our salvation should be one that is solely focused on hearing God, finding the adventure, and seeing how He wants us to let our light direct others to see His light. ay your sense of urgency be of sowing love like a seed, having the faith and patience to believe that whether things change in your lifetime or the one three generations after you, be very confident in knowing it will happen.

QUESTION: What has been your perspective on urgency?

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