Get Discipled, Not Frozen

By now, there is probably no one who hasn’t heard of or seen the Disney movie Frozen. As I’ve watched this movie a number of times with my children, I could not help but notice that there was one thing that stuck out at me regarding the main character Elsa. Apart from all of us finding her totally relatable, there was something distinct in that relatability that I found intriguing. Elsa was in dire need of a real disciple maker.

Like this very gifted youth, whose life has been parodied repeatedly on YouTube and other places, what I really get from this film is this sense that many of us need to be discipled most when skills, gifts, talents and abilities show up; especially when they are of a spiritual nature. Have you ever felt out of place or different from others because you walk in a realm or on the edge of something that most around you don’t and wished that someone had noticed it and could truly tell you what you could do with that?

Sadly, for Elsa, the extent of her direction was to, “Conceal, don’t feel.” One of the things that I love about Christ when he came along to disciple those who followed him, was that he saw what made each of the unique and dealt with them accordingly. What was even greater was that for guys like Peter, whose name really meant “rock or stone,” became more in line with the true meaning of their name when they walked closely with him.

One of the reasons that the five fold ministry exists within the Church is so we can all be perfected in those gifts and callings that we each have been blessed to possess. Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers are essential in discerning the gifts in us, and disciple us to help usher us into the fullness of what we need to be. If that doesn’t happen, we either retreat back which allows the enemy very happy, or we abuse our gifting and again make the enemy very happy. Neither is desirable.

What would the early days of the Church have been like had Jesus not focused so much time into developing Peter, James and John? Who would Elisha have been without there having been Elijah? Would Joshua have been able to lead the people in the battle of Jericho had it not been for Moses? Who would Timothy have been without Paul?

We’re in a time where people are coveting the gifts, not recognizing the responsibility that comes with it. There are also those who have a natural gifting to dream, heal, speak, proclaim and do many other miraculous things; however, without someone to truly recognize those gifts and with integrity call them forth in developing those gifts, those people can become lost, discouraged, or even depressed, or suppress the very gifts God wanted them to put on display for His glory. If you have had any inkling that you have a gift, talent, or ability which may be either spiritual or natural, understand that you need someone to disciple you in developing those things that you’ve been blessed with.  While it may not always be easy to recognize when someone is using you for those gifts and callings, a true disciple maker will even help you in discerning those things as well.

QUESTION: Have you ever felt frozen by gifts and talents that God has given you? Did anyone recognize it enough to disciple you through it?

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