Treasure Every First

One of the best things about being a parent is being able to see your children experience all of their firsts. My son just turned four years old and on the same day experienced his first outing in the neighborhood as a little league soccer player. It was tough for him to sit on the sidelines last year knowing that he was too young to get out their with the others who were old enough to play, but that all changed the moment he turned the page on the calendar.

It’s also the first time he’s really had a show of real enthusiasm about his birthday. Before, there wasn’t really much making heads or tails out of the fuss that his sisters  were making out of their own birthdays, which happen to also be in the same month as his. However, this year he was feeling a sense of getting older and bigger. He loves the idea of growing up. It’s the adventure of knowing that in growing up, he’ll be able to do more than he ever was allowed to before. There’ll be less emphasis on being the baby of the family because now he wants everyone to know he’s not who he was; a three year old.

I wonder if as we grow older if we have that same sense of wonder and amazement when it comes to our own series of firsts. However fewer they may seem to happen for us, there can be no denying that we still have some that we’ve yet to experience, and therefore should have some sense of appreciation for them.

Personally, I’m always experiencing it because now my new firsts are tied to my children’s firsts. I have personal firsts as well. The ones that give me even greater elation are the spiritual firsts. It could be as simple as the first time that I see some new way that God is using me or the first time I understand a biblical truth or a revelation of who God is in my present life.

In all honesty, God really wants us to see each day as new and fresh. In a sense, that makes each day a first of seeing Him in a way we’ve not seen before, so long as we open ourselves up to it, not taking for granted the day we’ve been given. There an be no doubting that when we begin to stop seeing each day and moment through fresh eyes, we become increasingly desensitized to the wonders that God desires us to cherish; that includes our growing relationship with Him.

If your life is seeming to become dull and less interesting, you may want to consider how you’re facing your days. See each day as a first. January 1st is the day many all over the world celebrate a new year. Today, Jews all over the world begin to celebrate their New Year, known as Rosh Hashanah. There are many other nations that have other days in which they designate as the beginning of a new year. My point to saying this is that every day should be a day in which we see things anew. Let today and every day from here on out be a first to you. Treasure it as though you’ve never experienced it before. If you treasure each day as the first day, it becomes an opportunity for God to reveal something new and exciting to you.

QUESTION: What are some ways you can seize the moments as a first to be treasured?

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