Memories of a Man I Never Met

I was utterly floored when I heard the report on yesterday that a plane carrying Dr. Myles Munroe, his wife, daughter and several of his staff went down in the Bahamas. It seemed almost unimaginable that such a thing could happen. While I’ve never personally met the man, the news of his death hit me as hard as if it had been someone in my own family; and yet in a sense, he is family because we have the same Father because of Christ.  MylesMunroe

I suppose I would have to say that my first introduction to this brother of mine was a little less more that 20 years ago when one of my friends in ministry let me borrow a book written by Dr. Munroe called, Understanding Your Potential. It was with this book that I became intimately familiar with the themes of purpose and Kingdom principles that has previously not been on my spiritual radar or in my vocabulary; although at some deep down depth of my soul knew was yearning to know. With the introduction to that book, I had to read every book he had written about potential, purpose and Kingdom. I even began reading his works on marriage and relationships. It’s probably a key factor in leading me to find my wife.

Before I was married, I remembered watching him thanks to broadcasting his ministry over the internet. I would watch his weekly bible studies online and look for is insights to principles that he was noted for teaching. What impresses me most about him is in knowing that he was a man who lived what he taught. He lived a life of purpose, maximizing every moment of his day and opportunity that was put before him. I am absolutely certain that even in this unforeseen tragedy that has occurred, he has lived what he has taught by establishing his succession of leadership through those among his ministry.

His understanding of Kingdom enabled people from all around the world to better understand what it meant to be a leader among leaders. Many pastors began to teach principles of leadership and Kingdom, because he was able to communicate what that meant from a perspective of one who lived in a place that had been under British dominion. That enabled him to unfold for many in the west who had no real understanding of Kingdom to really grasp what that actually looked like.

One of the things he has been most noted for saying is that, “The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without purpose”. He always mentioned how it was such a tragedy that there was such a great wealth of untapped and unfulfilled purpose and potential that resided in the cemetery. It was because of this that he wrote as much as he did, taught as much as he did, and transferred as much as he could to all that he could while he could. If I have learned anything from him, it’s that I want to do that for those who I am blessed to influence.

I look forward to the day that I can meet my brother in the faith, but until that day, which I’m in no rush to see, I will share the nuggets of wisdom that I have gleaned from him and pass them on to my children and all whom I’m blessed to share them with.


QUESTION: What memories do you have of Dr. Myles Munroe? What impact has he made on your life.


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