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Discipleship Leads to Change

Throughout this year, one of the things that has be a prevailing thought for me is in the area of discipleship. One thing that I can attest to is that when a person truly becomes a disciple of Christ, is that it inevitably changes you. It’s practically an automatic thing that happens. This is the […]

Never Said a Mumbling Word

Many people all over the country have voiced their disdain at a man that for years once held in very high regards. Not since Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver has there been a man that has engendered such adoration within the fabric of this nation, that it’s so very tragic to see […]

A New Hope

Tomorrow is Christmas and in a week millions all over the world will be ringing in the new year either with great anticipation or great trepidation.  I personally am looking to the new year with a great amount of hope. Hope for what the year holds as I am seeing so many dreams begin to unfold […]

Let There Be Peace on Earth

As so many people across the nation are putting the final touches on their plans for the Christmas and New Years holidays, much of what this season has meant to be has seemingly become slightly somber. This is partly due to the beatings that this nation has faced over the last few months. One being […]

Will His Lambs Remain Silent?

Over two thousand years ago a man walked the earth having imparted three and a half years of intense teaching and authority to twelve men. While these twelve were not the only ones in whom Jesus dealt with, they were the core of the people he purposefully left to carry the torch of a Kingdom movement […]

The Gift of Community

In a day and age in which we live it can become all too easy to overlook the impact, meaning and value of something so simple as the community in which we live. Some of us live in the same community all our life, while others are constantly in a mode of moving from one […]

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