Will His Lambs Remain Silent?

Over two thousand years ago a man walked the earth having imparted three and a half years of intense teaching and authority to twelve men. While these twelve were not the only ones in whom Jesus dealt with, they were the core of the people he purposefully left to carry the torch of a Kingdom movement that would upset the world and forever change the way people would view things. These twelve were so radical and so bold that they turned the world on its head while risking persecution, imprisonment, and even death; often not in any sense of ease or comfort.

English: Two lambs

English: Two lambs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’ve read the account of the interaction between Peter and Jesus following his resurrection, you’ll no doubt recall how Jesus had to encourage Peter to prove his love of Christ by feeding his lambs. it was only moments following the ushering in of the Holy Spirit and anointing of the 120 in the Upper Room, that Peter boldly rose up to begin the task of fulfilling his oath to feed the lambs.

All we who follow after Christ are in essence lambs of God, but it appears that in the presence of present day culture, too many of us remain silent regarding speaking to the issues of the day; fearful of rocking the boat or making waves. This passive approach goes contrary to our kingly and priestly duties that have been put in us by our savior and Heavenly Father.

It’s true that our methods and actions are not to be likened to the ways in which the world does things. Paul told the people of Corinth in 2 Corinthians 10:3, “for though we live in the flesh, we do not wage war in an unspiritual way (HCSB).” The closest we’ve seen this in recent history might be best revealed in two separate historical events. The first would be during the Holocaust of the 1940’s when millions of Jewish people were being persecuted and exterminated in concentration camps. It was radical Christians like Dietrich Bonhoeffer who conspired to literally devise a way to bring an end to the plot and plans of the Nazi’s and their leader Adolf Hitler. Closer to home and even closer in history was the movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His ability to galvanize people together; be they Christian, Jew, black, white, man, woman or child, was what was necessary to bring to light the social ills of the day.

Today, there is once again a peeling back of the veil of injustice and disunity within America, yet it would seem that too many of His lambs remain silent. It may be that for many the idea of how to face this problem seems too great. That notion is so far from truth. That idea gives rise to the thought that it is something that God can’t handle. We are his hands and feet I the earth. If we be anything like those of the First Century Church, then we must become as radical and as vocal as they, daring to risk whatever is necessary that this age knows a God that can even bring order out of this chaos. May we refuse to be silent.

QUESTION: In what way can you determine to not remain silent in the face of the injustices taking place in this nation?


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