A New Hope

Tomorrow is Christmas and in a week millions all over the world will be ringing in the new year either with great anticipation or great trepidation.  I personally am looking to the new year with a great amount of hope. Hope for what the year holds as I am seeing so many dreams begin to unfold before my eyes, as well as  the doors that are opening as a result of it. Exif JPEG

As my family and I have made plans to travel this holiday it would be so easy to become tainted by the thoughts of all the things that have gone wrong this year. Yet, what gives me hope for the new year is the thought that all of the things that went wrong or turned out bad did not stop me. Through family illnesses that required surgeries, death in the family, and a number of setbacks that were not expected or desired, I still remain optimistic that the year we are about to enter will be brighter, better, and even more prosperous than we’ve known.

Over the years, I’ve watched as society has seemingly lost all emphasis on the real meaning of Christmas and anything to do with Christ and what he represents. However, this year saw the release of more faith-based and inspirational films. In the last few weeks, I’ve  also watched as many programs have infused faith, love, hope and charity into their Christmas episodes and programs. In spite of all the negativity and mayhem that has permeated the media and the street, I still remain hopeful about a year in which people will draw together in the fight for liberty, justice, righteousness and a heart to pay kindness and goodness forward.

In as much as we’ve seem great tragedies occur, we’ve also seen great aspects of community come together in the midst of those difficult times. Whether it has been doctors laying it on the line for people who have contracted Ebola, or people dumping countless buckets of ice water and donating millions of dollars to bring attention to a great illness, or even people coming to the aid of stranded motorist in the wake of unbelievable snow events, people have stepped up to prove they have a heart. I believe that as we enter into the new year, we will see more opportunities for communities to come together for a purpose without the need for a great disruption or act of devastation being the catalyst.

I have a hope that people will begin to see the true heart and nature of what it means to be Christian. It is rooted in the very thought that as people who believe, will also act in love, in power, and authority that has been given for the purpose of drawing all men to look to an all loving, all giving, and all caring God.

Whatever you do tomorrow as you celebrate Christmas, I pray that you receive the gift of Hope that is readily available to you, so that you may enter the new year with expectancy, and with passion to be a part of fostering that hope in others.

QUESTION: Do you have a new hope for the new year this holiday?


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