Never Said a Mumbling Word

Many people all over the country have voiced their disdain at a man that for years once held in very high regards. Not since Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver has there been a man that has engendered such adoration within the fabric of this nation, that it’s so very tragic to see how easily it has been for Americans to write him off. Since the 1980’s, William H. Cosby was considered America’s Dad. He wasn’t just the dad of Black America, he was America’s dad.

I suppose that was why it was so shocking to me to see how quickly people abandoned him when the allegations began to roll out. I’m not trying to be naïve and give him a pass as if he is incapable of doing wrong. That would be foolish of me. I suppose that in a country that laud’s itself on the notion of “innocence before guilt in a court of law”, it baffled me that the court of public opinion has summarily crucified him in the media and community at large.

The presumption of the masses has been that because he has not come forth to publicly renounce or face his accusers, he must be guilty, he must be hiding something. By and large, there has been little commenting by Bill Cosby on the subject, despite being dropped by colleges he has donated millions to, as well as networks he’s earned millions for.

As I thought about it, I recalled another man who we all know beyond a shadow of a doubt lived a perfect and blameless life, yet his own people called for him to be put to death.  Over two thousand years ago, a man named Jesus was accused of crimes by his own people and it led him to be crucified by the Roman government. The interesting thing about the whole thing was not that he was innocent of the charges, or that another man went free who was actually guilty. The real interesting thing was that during all of the accusations, the spitting, the beating, the utterly and sheer inhumane treatment that was assailed at him, he never spoke up to defend himself.

Sadly, it has become an unwritten rule in the court of law that a person who pleads the Fifth Amendment, that this somehow indicates one’s guilt, despite it’s original intent. However, Dr. Cosby has not been charged with a crime. While most of his accusers have come forth after a statute of limitation has expired, the masses are willing to side with the accusers without evidence simply because they have numbers on their side.

Here’s my question. If silence were an automatic admission of guilt, would a man who has remained silent continue to do so? Christ remained silent knowing that speaking would not have changed their opinion. Second, it had already been prophesied that he would die and this was part of the process by which the greatest deliverance would come. In Dr. Cosby’s case, having such allegations laid out in the media when it cannot be dealt with through an actual investigation and trial profits little, because it becomes just a fighting match between who can shout the loudest, not resolution and vindication for either side.

Personally I feel bad for both Dr. Cosby and his accusers. What I feel most sorry for are those who are losing out on the tarnished memories of a man who has been the representation of a father. For too long, the heroic image of the father has diminished in the eyes of so many children. Having another image of a father tarnished in the minds of millions of people really does something to the psyche of America. Father’s are design by God to be an earthly representation of the kind of father our Heavenly Father is to us. When this gets damaged, many people’s perceptions of an all loving God also becomes diminished.

Malachi the prophet spoke in the last verse of his book that God would one day, “turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse (Malachi 4:6).” It is my prayer that regardless what becomes of this situation between Dr. Cosby and these women, that the image and heart of father’s and children are soon restored to one another that the curse of broken families and broken relationship between humanity and the Creator will be restored once again.


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