Is Dr. Myles Munroe’s Prophetic Message Unfolding Before Our Eyes?

Shortly before the world lost the voice of great leadership through Dr. Myles Munroe, he had a dream and gave a prophetic message. While his message was directed at the people of Bahamas, I honestly believe that much of what he shared has great implications for many people worldwide, both of the Church and the world as a whole. His words have been reverberating in my mind since I heard them on YouTubeMylesMunroe

One of the words that he spoke regarding the Bahamas said, “We are now in a moment when the old weapons that kept the Bahamas don’t work no more!” Hearing this, we can see that there are many areas wherein many of the leadership strategies that have been utilized by both governments and citizens worldwide are no longer working when it comes to dealing with situations like social injustice, terrorism, race relations, immigration, and health crises. The way media and the entertainment handle these issues and present them to people in part also add to the struggle of managing and dealing with them. I honestly believe that now is the time where we are not only going to need to see new leaders rise up with new ideas of how to handle them, but also a galvanization of hearts and minds to do it in love.

In another part of his message, he spoke of tremendous change and people dying, some through sickness and others would be removed; even in ways unimaginable. Outbreaks of Ebola and measles have called into question how nations are handling the way diseases are dealt with in the interest of public safety. It’s also apparent that all over the world people from every walk of life and sphere of influence are being impacted by the prophetic message. The death of people Dr. Munroe, Andréa Crouch, Robin Williams and Joan Rivers really shocked the world, but seems to give indication that none are immune to this prophetic word.

The most recent removal of NBC News anchor Brian Williams has called into question the integrity of how news is reported and whether or not reporters are to be participants in what they report or simply relaying what the news is. The tarnished image of people like Sony Executive Amy Pascal has also put a spotlight on ethics in business. Right when Bill Cosby should be rising high on the introduction of a new show on NBC, we saw his credibility and reputation attacked as well. Even events surrounding the NFL and the 2015 Super Bowl did not escape unscathed. From player suspensions for abuse and violence, to teams being called into question for cheating.

Dr. Munroe mentioned that the reason for much of this would be due to God needing to clear the way for the right kind of leadership that is needed in this day. What that will look like remains to be seen, but we also know that in another word he gave, the implication was also that existing leadership has held on too long to the baton of leadership and that it needs to be passed on to those who have the strength, the vision, and capability of taking things to the next level that will take things higher for His glory.

I will say it again, that I honestly believe that his words are coming to pass, and this in not something to be fearful of, but to be excited, because it will be interesting to see who God is raising up in this season and what Dr. Munroe saw actually unfold.

QUESTION: Do you believe that his word is coming to pass, and will you be watching for the changes that will take place? How do you imagine things will be as a result of it?


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