Marking My 300th Post and 44 Years of Life

This is a great day for celebration. As a blogger, it is a double celebration because it not only marked by my 44th birthday, it is my 300th post. This has been quite the journey for me, both as a writer and as I venture to give expression to the world my heart. What is interesting to note is the number of times in the past few days that both numbers have been showing up for me. From consistently looking at the clock or my watch just as it turns 3AM or 3PM, to even opening up my email today and hiving it marked by 44 new in my inbox. 1024777_73677409

It is so amazing to consider what has occurred over the 44 years of my life.There have been great days that I’ve witnessed, and there have been not so great days. I’ve seen the country celebrate 200 years as a nation, host a number of Olympics, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the launching of the first NASA fleet of shuttles, my mother graduate from college, I’ve gotten married and seen the birth of my children. Some of the not so great days include the day my father died, the day World Trade Towers fell, and the day my wife and I both found ourselves with no job and living out of a hotel. Even worse was the day my wife’s grandmother died and we had no way of getting home to be with her family.

In all that time, my worldview has matured, my perspectives have been sharpened, and my faith has grown in ways I could never have imagined. I’ve come to see the impossible as possible, expect the the unexpected, and hope for the unimaginable. Where it would have been unconceivable that someone like myself would have even been expected to live beyond the age of seven, I have lived well beyond that. For that I am grateful to an ever loving, ever caring, and ever blessing heavenly Father. I’ve been blessed to meet some of the most amazing and influential people, seen the most spectacular parts of this great continent, and live in such diverse parts of this country, that my appreciation of culture continues to take on greater form.

I have a great expectation that the next phase of my life will no doubt be greater and grander than what I have already seen. I believe that even as I am in a constant state of change, so will my world, my view of God and my relationship with Him and all the ways in which He has graced me to interact with His creation. I’ve enjoyed marking this 300th post by sharing with you briefly some of the things that have stood out for me over my 44 years of life. I look forward to sharing with you many other great memories, thoughts and perspectives in the years to come.


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