After Empire Season One

Millions of people have finally come down off of their high of watching Empire on Fox. As one of those viewers I have to admit that there were many intense moments and many takeaways that you could draw from having seen the show. Some people will focus on the spot light that the show has cast on the LGBTQ community. Others will applaud the additional attention given to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and Bi-Polar mental disorder. You may also find those who will be drawn into the family dynamics of the principle cast. One of the things that has really caught my eye has been on the development of the actual empire.

More that anything, to Lucious Lyons the patriarch of the family, Empire is more than just the name of the music label he founded; it is what he hopes to establish as his personal legacy. The building of this empire which was built on a shaky foundation of drug money, lies and other things became the apex of a life spent looking over his shoulders and fighting to become greater than the concrete jungle that sought to devour him.

Every good father desires to create a legacy, an empire that will be lasting and become something that the family can inherit, maintain, and expand upon for generations to come. Yet, there remain questions that every good father wrestles with when it comes to establishing that empire. How will I accomplish it? What will I risk in doing it? To what depths am I willing to go to obtain it? When I have created it, will it be appreciated? Will whomever I leave it to be capable of carrying it on when I am no longer able to or around to handle it?

For Lucious, we see clearly that this becomes the struggle for him as he looks to his sons who each have their own set of struggles, flaws and issues; some as a direct result of the relationship that was fostered or neglected by how Lucious related to or rejected them. As I watched season one of Empire, I could not help but see the similarities between daddy Lyons and Kings David and Solomon. David built a kingdom in the wake of a fallen Saul, but due to struggle in his own life could not complete all that his heart desired. It was to be fulfilled in the life of Solomon, yet for all that Solomon accomplished, even he found himself in the latter part of life languishing over the thought that what had been built would potentially be left to a generation ill-equipped to handle it.

If there is one thing that I could admonish you to do as you continue in your life striving to build a personal empire or legacy for your family, it would be to not neglect or forget to invest primarily in that next generation as much if not more so than the actual legacy. In doing this, they will be able to see the cost of building and may even be willing to accept some of the responsibility that goes into carrying out the furtherance of that legacy as its foundations are still being cemented.

QUESTION: If you watched season one of Empire, what were some of your takeaways, and what impact did those thoughts create for you?


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