A Brief Prophetic Insight

On March 20, 2015, one of the most dynamic ministers of healing was himself in need of healing. An urgent plea went out for Evangelist Benny Hinn as he was rushed to a hospital following a crusade being held in Brazil. Early reports were that it might have been a heart attack, but around 8 AM PDT on March 26, 2015 doctors shocked his heart to reset his heart rhythm.  Upon his release from the California Medical Center where he had been treated Pastor Hinn thanked everyone who prayed as well as the doctors who treated him.

When I first heard of what went on, I looked to God for the spiritual significance in what this might have meant for the Body of Christ. Even at the time of his initial hospitalization, when the plea went out for people to pray, I was among the countless numbers of people around the world who were lifting him up in prayer. I was also among those who rejoiced in the good report of his recovery and subsequent release. What follows are some of insights that the Lord pointed out to me that should be considered:

As a man of God who has ministered for over forty years as an evangelist and carrying a great mantle of healing, the first thing that God pointed out to me was that he has already come through a season of testing with victory. What was more significant was noting that it was not a heart attack as many had feared, but a heart rhythm that needed to be reset. That means that he had a rapid heartbeat which had to be shocked in order to be reset to a proper pace.

What this spoke to me was that even as Pastor Hinn’s heart needed to be reset to a proper rhythm, what God is saying in this season is that the Body of Christ needs to have her heart reset to the rhythm of God’s own heart. His Love is so much greater and at a pace which we have yet to come into sync with properly. It has caused many to rush to seeking the rapture and declaring judgments over things that God has not spoken.

When the report came back on March 26 that what Pastor Hinn had experienced was not a heart attack, it came the very day of his daughter’s 33rd birthday. This too spoke to me in that just as Christ himself was led to a cross and was sacrificed at the age of 33 to bring life to a dying people, it was in a sense a reset button on the course of humanity to have a proper relationship with the Father. Even as we are moving closer to Resurrection Sunday, a spiritual reset button is being pushed for the Body of Christ to be reawaked and retuned to the Rhythm of God’s heart of life and love.

As we draw closer to Resurrection Day and go even further into the month of April and the Jewish season of Passover, be ever watchful for a Spirit of life to pass over the Body which will breath in a new heart and mind to see, feel, and do what is in line with what the Father desires. In as much as His thoughts and way have been higher than ours, there is a quickening that is meant to electrify us into a new flow and pace with what He has wanted and is wanting. As the final Blood Moons are revealed, see heaven and earth come into a greater alignment as those who find His heartbeat begin to do those greater things which have been promised.


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