We See You and We Hear You

The announcement made by Maryland’s State Attorney Marilyn Mosby strikes a chord with residents and citizens not just in Baltimore, MD, but throughout the United States of America. The announcement of charges being brought against the officers involved in the arrest which led to the death of Freddie Gray spoke volumes to them that the words “Black Lives Matter” isn’t and shouldn’t just be a catch phrase with no power backing it, but an indictment on a system that has for too long turned a deaf ear to the plight faced by minorities. The rebuttal announcement made by the president of the Fraternal Order of Police however highlights a continued message to the public of “No harm, no foul”. That announcement flies in the face of a community that is seeking evidence of true leadership and transparency by those in authority.

While the events of the day are merely the start of process sought by citizens of Baltimore and others around the nation, it is a welcoming one which adds to easing tensions, and calms minds that this would not be another in a slew of actions to go down the same road as many have over the years.

The “road less traveled” is often a lonely one, so it is likely going to still be a rough road ahead for many who have been seeking justice, as well as those charged with the task of bringing about that justice. What remains to be seen is whether this road will lead to a transformation of the system that has hidden behind the law it’s meant to uphold.

It is a wonderful thing to feel a sense of relief of some of the stress surrounding what might be said by the MD State’s Attorney and to know that the community at large gets that sense of being both seen and heard. It will be an even greater relief felt, once the same citizens of this community and others around the nation begin to feel that it doesn’t take another Freddie Gray moment to be seen or heard by those charged with the responsibility of protecting and serving all of the community with transparency and integrity.

Going forth from this point to accomplishing the goals of building a relationship that is not based on maintaining the status quo. Fostering trust, hope, and real community will require more than protests and cries for change. It will require people who are willing to sit down together to lay out the plans necessary to generate it and implement it with swiftness.

Those bold statements uttered by Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby reveal that she is one who desires to be on the side of not just saying the right thing, but seeing that it happens. When she says, “I hear you,” there can be no doubt that there is at least one person who is stepping forth from their position to bring that change. The question remains as to who else will join her in saying, “We see you and we hear you.”


QUESTION: As the noise begins to fade over the events of the past few weeks, what are your hopes? Do you see change as being possible? Do you think people are finally and truly being heard?


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