Kids Have A Way of Surprising You

I think every generation of kids faces the trouble of getting the bad rap of being delinquents and rowdy, aimless and void of character. While there may be many young people who fit the mold and live up to that failing expectation that many adults have of them; there are so many others who go the distance to live their lives in such a way that really prove that they do in fact have a way of surprising you. One such young man was recently seen on the CBS Evening News as they reported how he did the unimaginable by taking his mother to his prom. While that in itself doesn’t seem like much, the story behind how they got to that point is what is truly revealing.

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Danotiss Smith, a student at Waterford Kettering High School initially had no interest in attending his prom. However, his mom Belinda was adamant that he not miss out on any opportunity, since prom was one of those high school moments that her parents were not able to afford to send her to. His reluctance was met with many lectures until he was finally asked why. His apparent hesitancy was that he wanted to be able to share that moment with his mother, who had missed out on her own prom all those years ago.

What I find to be most intriguing about this story is that so often we hear stories of prom nightmares. There are the talks of parents worst fears of what could possibly happen. In a day when there are people who can be so critical and so apathetic about where the lives of young people are headed. We’re so inundated by news reports that can make you wonder if there is any hope for them or if they have what it takes to handle that uncertain future. However, when you hear stories like this one it reminds you that the reality is that not every young person is a delinquent, a lost cause or someone who’ll get lost in the cracks and crevices of society.

It’s time to begin to have hope for our young people. It is time to take note of all the young people who have great character. It’s time to acknowledge that there are truly good young men and women coming up who don’t fit those negative stereotypes that are portrayed on television. Yes, we are in a day and age when young people do have a way of surprising us. Wouldn’t it be great if young people like Danotiss happened to be the norm of what gets seen on television and that it didn’t surprise us? What if it made us cherish it so much that we work steadfastly to turn around those who portray the negative characteristics because those were the things that took us by surprise? Young people are truly amazing. Let’s continue to celebrate the amazing ones so that they continue to know that greatness in them is truly appreciated and desired for them and from them.


QUESTION: What do you do when you come across a young person who takes you by surprise like Danotiss Smith?



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