Scars Don’t Have to be Scary

There are some people who hate the scars that line their bodies. There are others who actually fear scars and what it will do to their physical appearance. However, unless you’re a doctor or my wife, it is quite unlikely that you would never even know or see the scars that are on my body. That’s mostly because most of them are covered by the clothes that I wear. When I look at them, I can tell you exactly when and how I got them. They each have a story behind them. Some are quite fantastic, while others there really isn’t anything exciting. However, without question, they each have a story behind them.

English: Scars from carpal tunnel release surg...

English: Scars from carpal tunnel release surgery. Two different techniques were used. The left scar is 6 weeks old, the right scar is 2 weeks old. A year later the female patient fully recoverd, see Carpal_tunnel_scars_II.JPG (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One scar that I have happens to be one that is right across the right side of my abdomen. I received it the year I graduated high school. In fact, I missed graduation because I was being prepped for the surgery that led to that scar. While the surgery itself was quite painful and invasive to my body, it was necessary to extending the quality of my life. There are probably several stories that I can connect to this scar, but the best one is what happened the week of the operation.

You see, after the surgery the nurses were charged with keeping the mood land morale light for many of the kids on my floor. This consisted of doing artwork in the activities room which was down the hall from my room. It wasn’t ore than a day after surgery and they were actually asking me to not just walk down to the room to participate, but also be the body model outline for Batman poster we were being asked to create in celebration of the release of the first Batman film featuring Michael Keaton. There I was, stretched out across a pool table with a big sheet of brown art paper under me in agonizing pain as the other kids made like police drawing a chalk outline of a dead body at a crime scene. Ouch!! I can still feel the pain of that moment, just thinking about it.

There’s just something amazing about this life we live as human beings. Although God created us with His breath and the dust of the earth, we forget so often that it is the spirit part of us that will remain for eternity. Long after our flesh has decayed and become a memory, it is our spirit that will abide. Every so often I am reminded of just how temporary our human experience will be, and it makes me thankful as I also remember that those experiences will pale in comparison to the eternal reward that awaits us as Christians.

In Galatians, Paul the apostle had pointed out to the people that there had been some who had been making a big deal out of being circumcised in the flesh, knowing full well that there is no real glory in it; especially since those who were circumcised were no better at keeping the law than those who were not. Paul also pointed out that the greater thing was in how he could bear his scars as a sign of how he shared in the persecution that Christ said many would face for the sake of the gospel.

It is in these scars that the greater story comes for a Christian. While these scars may very well be a sign of great suffering on our part, we also know that there is great reward because we’ve done something that made an impact on the world in which we live. Those stories become the stories that draw others to Christ and build up treasures in heaven.

As I think on my own scars, it is not only a reminder of what I went through in life in my natural flesh, but is also a reminder of what Christ did for me as my savior; as it also is a reminder that I too will face times where I will face trials and circumstances for the sake of Christ. In as much as my physical scars are about me, it is the circumcision of the heart and the wounds I receive as a servant of the living God that makes for the best stories of all.

QUESTION: Do you have scars? What stories can you tell with your scars?


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