Why Square Pegs Will Never Fit Your Round Hole

Do you remember as a child playing with those geometric blocks that were designed to teach you about shapes? I think we all have at some point in our childhood. I remember when one of my children was being tested for school that one of the tests included those very set of blocks with the matching slots that she had to figure out which shapes went where; stars, circles, triangles, squares and diamonds. It almost seems like a natural tendency for someone, for some strange reason, to want to try to fit the square peg into that round hole. However, no matter how hard you try, it never fits.

It seems so strange, that as Christians in the Western World, there seems to be this thought that the square peg of non-disciples can or should be able to fit the round hole of discipleship. However, people who are not followers of Christ cannot understand the ways of Christ and therefore cannot be expected to desire or walk the ways of Christ until they have come to encounter and experience Christ. The person whose eyes have not been open to see the light, whose mind has not been convinced, whose heart has not been softened to the point of receiving the truth cannot comprehend or fathom anything other than what they know.

John said that when God created the light that darkness could not comprehend it. Paul the apostle told the Corinthians that there is no fellowship or communion between light and dark, or righteousness and unrighteousness.  It is only by the power of the Holy Spirit to transform a person into a new creation that is whole.

It is understandable that a frustration comes to many disciples that the non-disciple is so far removed from fitting into the hole which is The Kingdom. Yet, there must be an understanding that yelling, kicking, and screaming won’t force the square to fit, or comprehend the Kingdom because the ways of the Kingdom are higher than the ways of this world. The Kingdom that Jesus revealed to his disciples, the same Kingdom that every disciple since has been commissioned to reveal to every generation of disciple that has followed since is a Kingdom that confounds natural wisdom, natural paradigms, and all humanistic and politically correct ideologies.

So while the world seems to be spinning continually more and more out of control, don’t be distracted by what isn’t fitting into the round holes. Cease to argue points that do not fit their frame. Concentrate on what does fit;  fellow disciples. Let your life of faith, hope and love be seen in all you say and do so that it is that faith, hope and love which becomes the thing that compels and attracts the squares to the Kingdom that Jesus spoke of. Allow the Holy Spirit to transform and renew the mind so that the square is made whole and enabled to the properly and wholly fit the hole.


QUESTION: What are you focused on as a disciple?


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