True Christianity is Worlds Apart from Everything Else

There has been much talk about faith in America lately. One misconception about the Christian faith is that it is like Judaism and Islam. While it is true that Christianity was birthed out of the teachings of Jesus who sought to bring greater revelation to his fellow Jews of what God desired for His creation, it is distinct in one unique way. Judaism and Islam are deeply entrenched in culture and heritage because they are born into it. All you need to truly be a Jew or a Muslim is to be born. Yes, you can convert, but Jews and Muslims are born Jews and Muslim.

Symbol of the three Abrahamic religions.

Symbol of the three Abrahamic religions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christianity is not something you’re born into. Yes, you can be born into a household that lives Christian principles and doctrines, but you are not automatically Christian simply because your family is Christian. Christianity is a faith whereby you must be born again. This precept was set when Jesus presented to a Pharisee seeking Nicodemus what the Kingdom was and how one may enter it. Jesus let him know that “unless a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God (John 3:3).”

The word “see” has two distinct implications in this verse. The first implication is that a person is not able to perceive or understand the Kingdom. The second implication that this word presents is that it the Kingdom cannot be experienced apart from the second birth. Both of these implications perplexed and frustrated Nicodemus because he could not fathom how it was possible to be born again. Yet Jesus explained further that it was not a natural birth that was required, but a spiritual one.

The reality of a Christian life is as foreign to the world as would the life of an Eskimo be to someone from Brazil. Paul told the Corinthians that the life of a Christian is so divergent from how the world operates, that it seems foolishness to them, and that same foolishness is confounding to them. You cannot hope to make it make sense to the world until or unless they have come to a place where they have heard the truth of the gospel that speaks uniquely to them. The good news is that the Gospel is for everyone who has an ear to hear it. The bad news is that not everyone has their ears tuned to receive it.

When true Christians begin to focus attention on presenting the gospel in places and to people who truly and genuinely have an ear to hear it, the less burdensome it will be trying to deal with people who have no interest in hearing or desire in seeing or experiencing the Kingdom. Darkness is incapable of perceiving the light. However, darkness can be overcome by light if light would simply be the light.

So while Christianity may not be like Judaism and Islam in the sense that you simply are one by birth, there great gospel truth of the matter is that anyone can be born again; even Jews and Muslims. Those who are as foreigners to the reality of the Christian faith don’t have to remain foreigners. The requirements for becoming a citizen of the Kingdom are truly simple and the King is not one desiring to deport. If you already are a Kingdom citizen, remember who you called to reach and disciple. Do not be discouraged by those who have no perception or desire to experience the Kingdom. You can only pray for them and be a light unto the until the time that they can perceive it.


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