Watermelon Works Wonders As A Summer Fun Fruit

So we’re moving along into the fun filled days of summer. Now’s the time when people’s thought turn to parks, cookouts, holidays and getaways. With that in mind, it’s also a time when people really don’t want to spend a great deal of time in the kitchen preparing foods that are hot or eating foods that are going to weigh them down. That’s why, for me, watermelon happens to be one of those summertime treats that just makes good sense to add to your diet. I think that in some respects watermelon gets a bad reputation because of complaint about high water and sugar content. However, in all honesty, anything done in a reasonable moderation can be quite beneficial; even watermelon. here are some reasons I think you should reconsider it:

English: watermelon displayed for sale in the ...

English: watermelon displayed for sale in the Fruit and Vegetable market, Near Deira fish market, Dubai. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nitric Oxide: For the last couple of weeks I’ve been talking about the benefits of increasing nitric oxide. Watermelon happens to be one of those fruits that is a good source of this molecule that our body produces and needs.  It’s ability to aid the body in the oxygenation of the blood system cannot be ignored.

Water Content: Why people complaint about water content is beyond me. Considering that our bodies are composed of 90% water, a fruit that is 92% water seems to be a great source and way to replenish water into the body. This flavorful fruit is a way to also remember that the average body should have water.

Vitamins and Nutrients: Meagan Ware reports that apart from nitric oxide and water content, watermelon is a great source of many vitamins and nutrients that a body needs, like calcium, B6, A, C, Riboflavin and many others.

Other Health Benefits: Along with everything that I’ve already mentioned, there is also the added benefits of helping with muscle soreness and inflammation. For people who suffer with Sickle Cell Anemia and other health issues, there can be no doubt that anything that reduces swelling, soreness and inflammation is a welcomed  treasure. it’s also good to note that the vitamin C is helpful in lowering the risks of developing Asthma.

Whatever your doing this summer, feel free to include watermelon in your summer fun filled diet. It’s a fun fruit for me, and I hope you’ll see that it can be fun for you as well.


QUESTION: Do you have a favorite food that you like to include during the summer, that’s also good for you?



  1. My favorite summer food would have to be grapes! lol

    1. Grapes are definitely great. My children and I love them as well. Red seedless are among our summertime variety of fruits.

      1. Yes I like the seedless red and green ones.

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