Pomegranate Should Have Been The Forbidden Fruit

Personally, I feel like the apple gets a bad rap. People are always eluding to the notion that it was the fruit that got Adam and Eve kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Then there are all the television shows and movies that depict apples as the fruit of choice to poison naive little princesses with. Children who behave poorly are referred to as rotten apples. We must never forget that they are also used for target practice by guys with bows and arrows. Yet, for all of its bad press, it is still the fruit that is doctor recommended for good health. That’s why it seems more appropriate that the pomegranate should have been the forbidden fruit.


Pomegranate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just kidding. I’ not really going to put down this amazing fruit. Pomegranates are considered by many to be a superfruit for its unique taste and nutritional content. Recent research in Oxford is highlighting the health benefits of the pomegranate. The report points to it being helpful in fighting Type 2 Diabetes, as well as bowel and prostate cancer. Those three things alone would seem enough reason to warrant including this amazing fruit in your diet.  Although I’ll admit to not really being a lover of the pomegranate, I’m going to list a few more reasons we should rethink partaking of this wonder fruit:

Mega Antioxidants: With all the talk of the benefits of antioxidants, I can’t help but point to how this particular fruit carries three to seven more times the antioxidant value than red wine or green tea. Given that this is essential to delaying the decay of some cells such as is found in people who experience stroke, macular degeneration eye disease, heart disease and other problems associated with cancer.

Nitric Oxide: I don’t think I can say enough about this one. I mentioned in another blog many of the benefits of nitric oxide. If you missed it, click the link for why this is necessary for increasing oxygenation of the blood.

Bone Health: Knowing how much trouble that people with Sickle Cell Anemia can suffer pain crises, it’s a definite bonus to know that the pomegranate is great for inhibiting the production of enzymes that cause damage to cartilage; a leading cause of osteoarthritis.

Inflammation: I think it is additionally beneficial to note that since inflammation is a source of arthritis, joint and muscular pain, the same antioxidants and nitric oxide and various other vitamins make the pomegranate a go to fruit for prevention not just the inflammation, but everything else that inflammation can exacerbate.

So while I may have been kidding about how pomegranate should have been the forbidden fruit, I’m not kidding that this fruit is definitely one that should be given a second chance. If you’ve never taken a first chance with it, I would say that now you have a few good reasons to try it.


QUESTION: Just for fun, what would you imagine as a forbidden fruit?


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