When You Minister Out of a Pure Heart

One of the things that has been intently on my heart lately is living a life of a healed person. In as much as the saying is true that hurt people hurt people, it is also true that healed people heal people. If we look at the life of Jesus we plainly see that in his life he was not a person that suffered from any sickness or disease, was not unbalanced in his emotions or beholden to sin. He lived a life that was in perfect harmony in Spirit, soul, and body. This ability to be whole in himself was a key component to his ability to heal others. What is also apparent is that Jesus ministered at all times out of a pure heart and with pure motives.

Image Credit: Free Images

Image Credit: Free Images

At no time can you say that Jesus’ intentions were wholly selfish or of ill will. Whether you’re talking about the woman who had a blood issue for 12 long years, or a lame man who had not walked in 38 years, or even Lazarus who had been dead for four days, Jesus was able to heal them all because his desire was for them and to please his Father in heaven.

When Jesus makes mention in his sermon on the mount that “Blessed are the pure in heart (Matthew 5:8)”, the word pure in the Greek is katharos and is translated to mean “clean and pure (a) physically, (b) in a Levitical sense, and (c) ethically.” We know that this sense of purity fit Jesus because his life produced the fruit of someone who was truly blessed in his life. His ability to bring wholeness everywhere he went makes that abundantly evident.

As a Nazarene, he was one who did not abuse his physical body with anything that did not meet the standards set for one who is from Nazareth. The dietary standards for a Nazarene was even much more different than what most Jews of his day were commanded to abide by. Samson and John the baptizer are two other examples of someone who lived the life of a Nazarene.

In a Levitical sense, Jesus may have touched what was by law considered the unclean thing or people, but there was such healing in him that he did not violate that law either. Whether it was leper or a bleeding woman, Jesus superseded the law of man through the Law of the Spirit.

There can be no denying that the ethical aspect of Jesus’ life is without reproach. He did not compromise or lower the standard, but raised the bar of expectations for everyone. He proved to even his critics that he was not a hypocrite, nor was he someone who could be tempted to do things for personal interests. When Satan can to tempt him in the wilderness, he only spoke the word of God. When the Pharisee came and tried to trick him with their questions, he challenged them and pointed out their own short sightedness, not to shame them, but that they might self-check themselves to see the state of their own hearts.

Operating out of a pure heart and motive is what we are called to do as people of God. Our ability to do that enables our eyes to see with total clarity, to discern with greater acuity, and to function with greater anointing. If we are wholly healed throughout our entire being, spirit, soul and body, even as Christ was, can you imagine the level of healing that we can bring to the lives of all the hurting people who need to be healed? Choose to operate from pure heart and with a pure motive.


QUESTION: Whose life could you impact by operating with a pure heart and motive? #HealedPeople


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