When You Have A Moment Like Job

Have you ever just had one of “those days”? Maybe it was over the course of a few days or even some weeks. It could even have been months or longer. You know that Job type experience where everything seems to fall apart? It could be that you’ve lost a series of family or close friends, a job you loved, your home, your health, your hope or any number of things in any combination. What happens when you have a moment like that? Who do you turn to? Who do you lean on? What goes through your head?

Job Rebuked by His Friends, from the Butts set...

Job Rebuked by His Friends, from the Butts set. Pen and black ink, gray wash, and watercolour, over traces of graphite (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can imagine that for Job, hearing the news of all his children dying on the same day, plus losing virtually all he had and his health failing him shortly thereafter had to have thrown him into the most severe of depressions. If you read his book, just looking through all of the self talk you might imagine that there could be no greater anguish and no worse fate that anyone could ever go through. What’s worse is that you’d think his friends would comfort and encourage him, and his wife console him. Instead the friends questioned whether he had some moral failing or something to make God turn his favor away from him. His wife wanted him to just go ahead and curse God and die.

I can tell you from personal experience that it is not easy when you lose many things that you value and cherish. There were times when I’ve lost my job, I’ve dealt with Sickle Cell crises that put me in the hospital for weeks at a time, there were days when my wife and I literally lived from a weekly rate hotel because we lost our home. There were even times when we didn’t even know if we would have enough money to have food to feed our children.

When we moved to Virginia two years ago, we only carried what could fit in our car. That included us, the children, our identification and enough clothes to cover our backs. Everything else got left behind. The drive up from where we were almost didn’t happen when we had a flat tire and the spare was barely good enough to finish the drive. However, in all of that, and in spite of everything we went through, I can look to one core thing that enabled us to maintain sanity and hope. It was our ability to recall all of God’s faithfulness to us in the past.

When you are virtually down to nothing, they say that God is up to something. What I know to be certain is that God has a history that predates us all. We can look back not only on our own lives and see where God has been a deliverer, we can look back through the pages of the bible and see the many men and women whom God brought through hard trials and tribulations to know that He is faithful and just to do the same for us. As we continue to put our trust in Him, He reveals His handiwork to open windows and doors where we saw none. Opportunities presented themselves when least expected them. Our faith became stronger because we were trusted with the testing of reliance on nothing but Him to be our source.

Yes, when you are down to nothing, it’s true that He is up to something. He is revealing the truth of who He is, who you are, and whom you are becoming. The question remains: who will you prove yourself to be? Will you be one who will not turn away from Him? Will you be faithful to know that even if God does not deliver you from a fiery furnace, that He can? Will you remain consistent to pray even when others are telling you that it makes no sense? Dare to be one who will stand and not fall. Just as with Job, He will restore you to glory for His name’s sake just to prove to those who doubted, that He is sovereign and that your faith is not in vain.

QUESTION: How do you handle moments like Job?


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